May 25, 2022

A Psychic Medium Discusses Remote Viewing, Homicide Cases, Messages From The Dead And More

A Psychic Medium Discusses Remote Viewing, Homicide Cases, Messages From The Dead And More

Special guest Marla Frees sits down to discuss her newly released memoir American Psychic: A Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood, Heaven, and Beyond and extraordinary abilities that many others don't possess.

In this best-selling memoir, Marla Frees reveals her extraordinary life journey from a small-town girl in a troubled family to a stage and TV actress and ultimately one of the country’s most respected transformational psychic mediums. Her tales of a harrowing childhood, burgeoning career in Hollywood, and astounding psychic and spiritual adventures along the way reveal the resilience and heights of the human spirit. U.S. military psychic spies, homicide cases, messages from the other side, spiritual healing - Marla Frees was given a gift from “Spirit” that she uses to help others.

In this audio edition, Marla delivers her narrative as only she can, reliving all the drama and humor of her life in her inimitable, dynamic voice. In a story that acclaimed author Brian Weiss, MD (Many Lives Many Masters) calls “powerful and fascinating,” Marla takes us into realms that will astonish, inspire - and heal.


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Marla Frees



Transformational psychic medium Marla Frees is known to audiences throughout the country with appearances on A&E, Bravo, History Channel, SyFy, TV Land, and Gaia TV’s “Beyond Belief” with George Noory.
Marla’s memoir, American Psychic: A Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood, Heaven and Beyond, is the inspiring story of her journey from small-town girl to successful TV and stage actress and gifted psychic. Her book has been an Amazon bestseller and #1 new release in the ESP and Mental and Spiritual Healing categories. Marla has been traveling across the country and internationally with book signings and her interactive group audience presentations, “Messages of Love with Marla,” where she works with audience members offering divine insight about any aspect of their lives and messages from deceased loved ones. She also works in private sessions and small groups.
Marla’s appearances in larger stage venues include the Sun Valley Idaho Wellness Festival, Women’s Jonathan Club of Los Angeles and Malibu, Meta Center in New York City, Los Angeles Westwood Rotary, Beverly Hills Rotary, UCLA, the Dreamland Festival in Nashville, Parnell Community Center in Auckland (NZ), Lumley Castle (UK), Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa, the Paramount/Copley Theatre Chicago, Vitello’s Nightclub Los Angeles, “Conversations with Weigel” at the Wilmette Theatre (IL), The Cumberland Theatre, and Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center (Washington, DC area).
Most recently she has participated in YouTube teleconferences, discussion panels, and the International Cultural Connection Tour with physicist, author, and consciousness expert Tom Campbell, sharing the science behind Marla’s work making the paranormal—normal.
Marla is a popular International radio guest on George Noory’s “Coast-to-Coast AM,” Lisa Garr’s “ Aware show,” “ Green Planet-FM” and dozens of podcasts including “The Path 11,” “New Thinking Allowed” with PhD parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, 360Karma's "Live Love Thrive Show,” and "The Christine Upchurch Show: The Vibration of Change. ” She is also known as the 'resident Psychic Medium' for “Happier in Hollywood.”
Marla also gained a global audience as the psychic medium expert co-host for’s “Dreamland,” where she interviewed scientific, paranormal, and spiritual authors between 2007-2017.

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