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This podcast is full of topics

And Kay town is the best voice in podcasting! She sets the tone for creepy or unknown topic on hand! You won’t find a better one, in this topic or type of show! She ask the best questions of the guest, the ones we’d ask if we were there, and many more I wouldn’t think of! Best ever!

Best Interview yet w James True

Seriously blown away at how great your questions were for James. Loved your crrow777 episode as well. Thanks for having some pals on. Just rediscovered your show again after a few years. Good to see you’re still at it and killin it. Cheers.

Very good interviewer

And a very nice voice too. Intersting topics, very good!

Mysterious radio

Decent way to spend time

Super Star ⭐️ U R

In all seriousness I very much enjoy your podcast. I listen every single minute I’m driving or on the treadmill. Your voice is great and the interviews are done very well. Keep it going!

Great host

I love listening to K-town interview people. She isn't afraid to ask whatever questions she has on her mind. I'm not a huge conspiracy theorist, and I often find my eyes rolling at some of the topics, but I keep listening because it is so entertaining!

Mind altering supernatural w/a comforting voice!

I love everything supernatural and I’ve sought all info pertaining to this topic since my own ufo encounter. This podcast has opened me up to so many more topics that interest me like spirituality, cryptids, soul healing, and so much more! There are so many knowledgeable people that she interviews …

Deserves more than 5 Stars!

I absolutely love this podcast. The host, KTown, is hands down an amazing interviewer. The questions are well thought out and researched. I love the genuine tone, as well as the humor. So happy to have found this podcast!

Love your Laugh

Hello Ktown, this is the 1st review I’ve ever expressed on line. I loved your interview with Duane Scott and listening to your laugh! He was also a good guest to interview. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for about 1 year now and I think your interview questions are great. Love your podcast.

Love the show!!

I absolutely love your show! K town you are an amazing host! You truly care for others and it shows. Your podcast helps me get through long hours on the night shift!! I’m addicted and look forward to each new show!

Awesome podcast!

Thank you for an awesome experience of listening! My work requires to drive a lot and with your podcast I really enjoy driving! Now I can’t wait for those long trips because those are the best! Even your voice is mysterious K Town!


I am addicted to this podcaster. Interesting content... will make you wonder and question what is real. The production is top notch with well rounded line up of guests. I just can’t stop listening. Great job.... keep up the good work. I plan on becoming a TRUTHER next month. Jenny

Enjoying the show

Just got hooked onto the show, the content is enjoyable so far, I’ve been bingeing episodes and am looking forward to what’s to come. I do agree with other reviews, K towns voice is very soothing, and her questions are bright and forwards the interviews into interesting areas.

Biden Ads

First of all, KTown’s voice and interviewing skills are lovely and rare. It has been an educational pleasure to have witnessed her development over the years. Also she really does her homework. That said, what is up with Biden ads spamming her podcast every 5 minutes. It’s not worth whatever you…

The Medusa File

“Oy vey, goyim! Look over here! It wasn’t the jews, it was the Corsican mafia! Kvetch kvetch!”

Great talk show

I love this show I’ve learned things on here that I never heard before

K-Town has consistently fascinating subject matter AND is a phenomenal person.

FAVORITE PODCAST EVER. K-Town, THANK YOU for not caving in to the bizarre recent pressure to self censor on several topics. It is seriously courageous for you to use your platform to speak the truth about politicization of the corona virus. The silent majority secretly agrees and feel they can’t sa…

Love the station

When I first ran into this great program K Town drew me in with a topic on Bigfoot. I’m an avid listener now and considering donating quite soon. Keep up the great work guys Many thanks , Jeff Apple phone user

Great Podcast

K Town hosts a great Podcast. Shows are interesting, K Town has great guests, covers interesting subjects, asks good questions, and she has a wonderful voice! Thanks

Dr Begich

Great interview. He is right on! Looking forward to listening to more!

Very Disappointed/Fine Line btwn misinformation & conspiracy

I usually enjoy K-Town but in this episode guest Dr. Nick B was more rational than K-Town. I enjoy hearing all the different conspiracy theories even wild ones like “Flat Earth” but to insinuate that Dr. Fauci a dedicated public servant “spoke the virus into existence” is insulting.

Learning by accident 😁

I’m nearly obsessed with this show! Best questions asked of the interviewees - awesome content❤️ And...I love to listen on my Surf Bluetooth and in transit in my car! Thanks for this show and the amount of mind opening and thought inspiring content provided!

Give it a few episodes and you’ll be back for more

I found an episode that interested me during a road trip, and was hooked. Various topics that cover both my wife and my interests. K-Town has the perfect voice, but more importantly, she asks the guests excellent questions, while the guests express even the nuttiest opinions without derision or int…

Medusa Files

Loved the Craig Roberts interview, would like him back in!! Great job Ktown!!

Great show

Been listening for about a week now and I love the show. I listen to and from work and on long road trips. Very interesting and K Town has a smooth voice ! Will keep listening

Love your show

I just recently found your show and I love it! I love paranormal, odd, and things that can’t be explained. You always ask in depth questions to you’re guests to get as much information for your listeners as possible. I looked forward to hearing many more episodes. Keep up the awesome work.

Outdated episodes?

I’m digging the listens, but some of these shows are so outdated and predictions are off Ep 397

Get Mysterious NOW!

Mysterious Radio podcast is the best. No contest. K-Town and crew really care about humanity and wish to help explore and reveal the mysteries of our times. I’ve been listening for 4 years. They’ve produced consistently great shows and it continues to be insightful and educational. Give Mysterious …


I adore k-town and her diligently out-there podcast. She has a great voice and is a clear interviewer. Though, the audio from her guests needs to be worked on. Which is likely their responsibility but it’s a real problem sometimes.

My favorite

K-Town gets down to business and I love that, she goes straight to the story. I’m addicted to this podcast since I found it!

A Must Listen Podcast

My only must listen podcast. K Town has the most unbelievable voice for podcasting and she has excellent guests and topics. If you try this podcast once you will never look back. It’s just so entertaining.

Interesting Topics, Great Host

I love K-Town’s voice; it’s so soothing! I stumbled across this podcast and I am hooked! I feel like K-Town and I could be BFFs! She always has great guests on the show and she’s so informed. I listen to podcasts every night - and Mysterious Radio is definitely one of my “go-to” podcasts!


Love ya k-town. Love listening.

I LOVE KTown!!!

I love this podcast. I love KTowns voice and her laugh. Lots of interesting topics. Some of the most profound episodes are from the beginning but the new ones are just as great! I get excited when I see new shows.


The information is so eye opening. KTOWN ROCKS!

I never miss a show!

Great content, great guests. Plus K-Town has a sexy voice. I can’t stop listening.

One of my favorites

Love this show!!

Great podcast!

Stumbled on this podcast and so glad I did. I’ve now spent countless hours listening to available episodes. I’m pretty frugal but still felt compelled to become a Patreon subscriber because yes, it’s that good. K-Town is all you want in a host, but so much more. She asks very thought provoking ques…

Love this show!

Amazing voice, great interviewer, love this show!

Fabulous Podcast

I love this Podcast. K-town has such a soothing lovely voice. She has an excellent informed Podcast that I always enjoy listening. I also listen to them again. Thanks K-Town 💕

Good listen!

Great show! Love the content! Keep them coming!


This has become one of my favorite podcasts! I can’t wait for more!

Great show with Dr. Bruce

Great show! Love K-Town!

Quite enjoyable!

This pod cast covers almost every topic you can think of in the paranormal realm, and a few true life situations too.

Great show, great content!!!

When ever I need some mystery.... I come to mysterious radio. Love it!

Awesome and diverse show!

This is an awesome podcast that covers a variety of topics including Bigfoot, UFO’s and ghosts. Very well produced

Mysterious Radio

I think K-Tell is one of the best podcasters out there. She lets the guests talk and when she comments, it is valuable input. Interesting topics. Nice Job K-Tell!!!!

Great Podcast

I love this podcast, I highly recommend to listen. It only takes one episode and you’re hooked!


Excellent host great voice and good subjects

Great podcast K Town

I like listening at work is so interesting and knowledgeable , especially I love her voice mis KTown keep doing in amazing job


I love this podcast! Informative and entertaining. Love listening to this at work it makes my day go faster


Interesting and entertaining

I’m new to this pod cast life

I am so happy I found your pod cast its fantastic thank you for all the hard work

Good stuff

Intriguing subjects, great host, K-Town gets me through my work nights!


Just found your podcast. Love your podcast and your openness to all. Thanks!

Great variety

One of my favorite podcasts. Love the variety of content, and K-Town’s voice is so soothing. Have recommended this podcast to many!

Love this station.

I love paranormal and this station has everything I like. I been listening for over a year. And I will always continue. It’s the best. Love hearing the shows.


Love the tone you set for a good listening experience along with excellent guests and topics!!! 😁


Love listening to you. Great shows


Great guests with an even better host

My favorite late night podcast!

Can’t say enough great things about this podcast. K-Town is the best - beautiful voice, so soothing and really draws me into anything she’s talking about. She’s always asking great questions and keeps it interesting throughout the interviews. Thanks for the great show.

Amazingly spooky!

K Town!! Your voice is amazing it’s the perfect combination for this type of podcast!!! Thank you thank you for the content you provide!! - Liz M from So Cal!

Awesome show

Great content, host k-town is always a joy to listen to.

Love you k-town

I look forward to this awesome podcast. I’m super interested in all the things she talks about and she asks all the questions I want to ask. This is definitely worth your time!

So Interesting

Great podcast with interesting nonjudgmental interviews. Doesn’t matter what the topic. K-town does an awesome job!

Great voice

I love listening to your voice and your topics. Stay safe.

Great Show

I love your show. You have a great cadence to your manner of speaking and the content is always entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Love it!

Hi, I love this podcast, until there is definitive proof about something not being real, I love to hear the stories and proof that it may be true! Thank you! Justin Messier

Mysterious Radio

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING K-TOWN! I look forward to your shows. When I wake up in the morning and I see a new episode from you, I know it’s going to be a great day! Looking forward to having my decal so that I can put it in my car and tell everyone about your amazing show! Thank you for your hard work, t…

Amazing unique podcast!!

There are dozens of paranormal podcast out there. As a man who’s been into the strange, unusual, and down right creepy unexplainable mysterious K-Town brings some very different yet similar with the same subjects we all love. The great thing about K-Town is that she brings new exciting stories and …

Great Podcast!

Great podcast, wonderful topics and interesting interactions with your quests. I wish you continued success, please stay well and be safe!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Excellent, but...

Love your work & your interview style. I understand profit & production cost, but I can’t help getting annoyed with the constant patron “badgering”. 5 star work, just less of this. Well done!

Absolutely love it

This podcast I was introduced to by my step dad and ever since I have listened to every episode I love this podcast sooo much!


Interesting podcast needed to infuse my brain w/new listening material and this is where I came. Haven’t listened to t devil doll story yet I dare go there.

You do not have to vaccinate your child

Although there is a push to mandate vaccinations for school enrollment, there is currently no law that requires it. You can sign a medical/religious objection to vaccination. Your child make have to stay home for up to two weeks if there were to be an outbreak of measles etc. and the DOH may cal…

And then I got mad

I’ve been a mysterious radio patron for several months and recently (yesterday) I suddenly couldn’t get connected...yesterday I jd to let it go as my work load was huge today I got mad and have now finally been able to get reconnected. KTown I’m here!!! Love Love love this show and both of the ladi…

Interesting subject matters

Educational and informative. I am a new subscriber and I am pleased with content. Guests are always credible sources and articulate. I will certainly stay tuned!

One of my favorite podcast

This podcast is addicting. K-Town is a great host!! Give it a try and you will find your self hook to this podcast.


Glad I found this podcast it’s everything I love, the topics keep me on the edge of my chair! Knowing there’s an entire community of people with the same interest as myself is awesome!! K Town gets down love her voice and all her probing questions!!

The best podcast ever!

You’re voice is amazing. Better yet, you ask all the right questions while conducting the interviews! I feel enlightened. Keep doing what you’re doing !!!

Absolutely the best host/topics ever

New to podcasts (I’m old school) and found Ktown and she is fantastic! Her voice draws you in, topics are what I want to listen too, guests are awesome. Keep doing all the different podcasts and I’ll keep following you!

Flat Earth

The interviewee is very informed and passionate about his stance. However his logic is very flawed and nonsensical. You can still be a slave to the system in a spherical earth. You can still have evolved from nothing and live on a flat earth. Neither rational is a good reason for flat earth. There …

340 God and Flat Earth

This is a fascinating podcast. Just fascinating. (If you take questions for future podcasts on this topic) To dispel one more item taught in schools : The school teacher : Sharon Christa McAuliffe / Challenger Rocket: Was this a fake rocket ? Why and how did she die IF NASA is fake ? Can yo…

KTowns voice is easy on the ears 😌

Love the topics, takes me to another place. I’d like to hear you cover remote viewing, idk if I missed it in the past.

The most important podcast!

These interviews are windows into the world beyond what you’ve been told. Thank you K-town for helping me wake up and see what’s outside the door.

Interesting Show

Always bringing interesting guests & topics by a calm focused hostess with the mostest. Never a dull moment.

Enjoy this podcast

Love the topics and the guests. The hosts voice is very soothing.

Excellent podcast! K Town does a great job!

This is one of the last paranormal podcasts that I got to and It quickly grew on me! Excellent host I recommend this podcast to everyone!

K-Town Does It Again!!

K-Town does a fantastic job narrating The X podcast but does an equally excellent job as a host bringing on interesting guests and asking intriguing questions on this pod. Thank you so much for providing such a unique interesting pod. Love your voice and the way you tell a story, what a gift!

Interesting & Great Pace

I dig K-Town’s interview style and voice. Lots of great topics.


Enjoy hosts voice, calmness, and professionalism!

One of my favorite podcasts!

Mysterious Radio is one of the best podcasts out there for those who believe there is more in the world than we can see. It’s very thought provoking and well researched.

So great

So informational,soothing, and fun!


Thoroughly impressed by this podcast and the variety of consistently intriguing content presented throughout its catalog of shows. Always super informative, thought-provoking, and mind expanding. Def stands apart from the rest of the pack of paranormal podcasts! Many thanks to K-Town for putting to…


Best host ever has a really good scary voice and that is the best part

Best host ever

K-Town you are such a kind and thoughtful interviewer, and you ask the BEST questions. I love love your show.

Mysterious radio

Really like k town. She has a great voice

Most influential podcast or our time!!!

This is without a doubt my favorite and most informative podcast ever. This is a real news podcast that covers the important stories that the main stream media government controlled fake news doesn't want you to hear about! A must listen! Download them all now before the globalist media takeover h…

Thank you!

I am always thoroughly impressed with KTown’s research, knowledge, and compassion. It is evident how deeply she cares for her listeners. Thank you, KTown, for all you do to share topics that make us question the world around us.