I love K Town!!

Wow! A must listen! Impressed .

We all loved Art Bell. Let me tell you k-town and her smooth voice and amazing guests keep you listening for more! It’s a no nonsense and well done podcast. I listen to it working night shift and can’t get enough! The topics are diverse and guests are fantastic. Keep it up.


I truly enjoy listening to mysterious radio, all the topics covered here are ye opening. You learn so much from peoples experiences that it truly helps you to understand the unknown a little more. The interviews are amazing. K-town asks the best questions and allows the listeners to follow up and ask questions as well. Love highly recommend.

Mysterious radio

My all time favorite podcast in this genre! Great guests and k-town is always asking them those burning questions! Love this podcast! I’ve been listening for a while and find it’s my go to podcast! Thanks mysterious radio!

Always something new and interesting.

Enjoy K-Town so much. They have such a wide variety of topics, which keeps this podcast fresh. Really enjoy the chill mood that allows me to open my mind. Highly recommend!!

Love your podcast!

A wide variety of topics discussed here and never dull. Current curiosities and the unexplained of the past keep me listening. K-Town, I’ll re-iterate what many have stated here, you have a smooth voice that’s easy on the ears. You are always kind and respectful of your guests and offer a wonderful opportunity for them to have their interests presented. Thank you for a great podcast!

very interesting

very interesting and entertaining. i listen everyday at work. it really sparks the brain and makes you wonder


I love listening to this podcast. The host does a great interview, and asks the best questions throughout for clarification, and has a soothing voice.

Very enjoyable

This guy gets knowledgeable hosts in their field of the conversation. He does very well with interviewing the gusts. I am so happy I found this podcast, thank you!


I love listening to K town great radio voice and topics that are very interesting and make me mad when my air buds die lol keep up the great work team I can’t get enough!

Cool stuff

This podcast has caught my attention more often than others

Love K Town

Love your upbeat personality and interview style. Cannot wait for new episodes. Van Meter Visitor! I think that is our only monster in Iowa.

Love this show!!

Hi K-Town! Just a quick note to say how much I love this show. It has and does entertain me all day while I work at my 9-5 at Harbor Shores Golf Course in Benon Harbor Mi. Thank you so much for all you do, and I look forward to all the future episodes!! Andy G 1132 Pearl St St Joseph, MI 49085

Love the podcast

Love listening to your podcast. I listen to it while I’m at work. I enjoy hearing the topics you cover.

Compelling Mysterious Paranormal Subjects

I enjoy K-Town her Mysterious Radio show and her many knowledgeable guests. She has an easy-flowing voice that draws the listener in to the topic and relaxes the guest for her probing questions. The sheer amount of paranormal subjects covered by the show ensures we will not hear the same subjects repeated over and over, like some of our favorite older shows. Keep up the good work, K-Town!

Loyal fan

Love this show - this family team works so so hard to bring us so much quality content and I’m here for it! I love K-town’s voice and her interviewing skills are amazing! It’s like she’s grabbing the questions I’m thinking out of my head! The producer, Kim, does an amazing job! Keep up the great work! I will always promote you guys whenever and wherever I can!

Surviving Abuse Podcast

Thank you for having me on the show

Proud from Knoxville

For someone who’s constantly consuming podcasts, I was surprised I hadn't already stumbled across this one— but it was my husband who noticed it in a billboard in Knoxville and suggested we check it out on a road trip together. It took me too long to put together the fact that the host’s name is K-Town, along with billboard in Knoxville, and sweet southern accent to realize they were in our little town and I just couldn’t be prouder! 2022 has been a really rough year for us already, and having this podcast to binge has soothed my soul and kept my mind busy while a loved one has been battling COVID in the hospital. I love the quirky topics, and the message of coming in with an open mind and heart— K Town asks engaging questions and is always respectful of the quests. I like the idea that they are just a conduit for these ideas to be out there in the universe and each person can take or leave as much as they wish, but that is up to each listener. Thank you for being a mouth piece for the minority and for your positive messages- please keep doing what you’re doing ❤️

The Best

K-Town is the real deal . She doesn’t come off like a know it all like Micah Hanks. She asks the questions of her guests you and I would want to ask. No pretension here. I just found your program two days ago and I can’t stop listening … keep it up.

Joe Clavijo

Great show, I love all your guests and you as podcast host , I listen to you and interviews pretty much every night

Must give credit where credit is due.... This is now my favorite podcast.

I started listening to Mysterious Radio around 2017ish after I began searching for more knowledge on the paranormal as I've been an experiencer since a child. At that time Mysterious Radio was one of the padcast in my weekly listening routine. And at that time I did not care for K-Towns interviewing style and her approach to extracting the facts from certain types of guests. I also thought her to be a bit harsh when it came to certain opinions or view points. However I have witnessed by hearing, K-Town has grown exponentially as an interviewer, a podcaster, and her guests are intelligent people that have done the research and dig deeper (past the woo-woo) and have developed some amazing theories and insight into the things people don't have the eyes to see or the ability to discern the physical from the spiritual. So having said that K-Town and Mysterious Radio is now my most favorite podcast. I listen to it almost daily and get super pumped when a new episode is released. Thank you K-Town for your great personality, sense of humor, and continuing to get better and better. -blessings Eddie

Great Podcast!

Great podcast, wonderful topics and interesting interactions with your quests. I wish you continued success, please stay well and be safe!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Thanks to LMRF1990

For pointing to June 27th episode. It was too much to digest for said reviewer (“scary”, “stop spreading false information”, “will report”). The sad fact is that many conspiracy theories have turned out to be true (remember when all the people warning about endless vax boosters were crazy in the head? Well, it’s real now. Remember when forced internment camps were a crazy conspiracy theory? Well, they’re all the rage in Australia now!) such as MK ultra, the Tuskegee experiment, cointel pro, and all the stuff that will be known sooner or later about what’s actually in the infamous killshots - you know, the ones people all over the globe are standing in line to take, thinking their government wouldn’t actively try to harm them. Anyway, the show has great content but I do agree with others that the host still needs to polish her style to sound less bored and sometimes be better informed on the subject. Everything is a work in progress so I think it’s fair to continue listening and give her a chance to let her mature as a podcast host. The themes are A+ so I have full faith.

Another great episode!

This is my go to daily channel while working. Love that the topics are all varied, but keeping within the same genre. Doesn’t get old like some other channels where it’s just the same topic week after week. The best!

Absolutely Love

I happened to stumble on your podcast a couple months ago, figured I try it and been hooked every since. All the topics and people you bring on is amazing and so refreshing especially with everything that’s going on the world it’s amazing to have people like you bring forward truth or other opinion and let the listeners decide. Keep up the fantastic job to you and your team! Forever Listener🤩 I agree with a lot of the folks with the amount of ads and when they appear it’s annoying….but I switched to PATREON and I’m hooked….I’ve been listening to all of them and sometimes I’ll repeat it because the interview resonates with me. Since I’ve started on Patreon the experience is much better and have purchased many of the guests books as well.

Great podcast

This podcast is one of my favorites. The host does a great job interviewing the guest.

Great show

Love the interviewers voice, great show..

An Awesome Podcast

This is my favorite podcast! The topics discussed are so interesting and is making me even more open to the unknown mysteries of the world. K town is awesome. She asks great questions to the guests and no matter the subject she shows so much interest and respect to the guests. Listening to this podcast is something i look forward to everyday. I have already recommended this podcast to several family and friends.


Here from a billboard in K-Town. I’m addicted

Best podcast for anyone interested in mysteries and the unknown

I found this podcast while finding something I’m interested in to get me through the workday. I have always had an interest in mysteries and the unknown. I have a lot of catching up to do, but each podcast is different and takes you into the unknown of things that I have never heard of. The podcasts are in depth of what is being discussed and not just opinions or hypothesis. I pop my AirPods in and my day flies by listening to KTown all day.


This show has blown my mind and saved my life. Love everything about it. I really like the variety of all the guests. Very well done and well rounded podcast.

Awesome Podcast

K-Town is a great host and interviewer. Amazing topics. Keep up the great work.

Life saving podcast

This podcast has saved my life really

Love this podcast!

I’m really happy I found this podcast because the subjects being talked about really makes me open my mind. K-town will ask questions that I would want answered and she’s just a great all around host. She’s engaging, smart, and just really a joy to listen to. Definitely give this podcast a chance if you’re looking into otherworldly subjects!

Love it great show

Great podcast

A + content besides the ad breaks

Love love love the show. Your style is GREAT. I jog to this show and sleep to it sometimes. My only complaint is the intrusive ad breaks. It’d be so great if you could edit a fade out or incoming music to warn us. It’s kind of a bummer. But seriously - I’ll listen regardless.


I absolutely love this show and the host! So many amazing topics discussed. The show gets amazing guests from all areas surrounding the topic of paranormal. K-town has an amazing ability to ask the tough questions and is somehow is able to get all my questions answered in her interviews. If your somebody who loves the topic of paranormal this is the podcast for you! I have listened to nearly every show and am now finding myself re-listening to the episodes I loved so much. This is the show that made me love podcasts. Highly recommended! Def deserving of a 5-star review!!!

I Love Mysterious Radio

I love K-Town and All the guest. Things are Never what they seem in life.

Awesome Podcast & Host

K-Town has interesting guests who cover compelling topics. She’s an excellent listener and interviewer, giving the guests time to share their stories and insights. I’m entertained by this podcast and find it soothing. Great work, K-Town! Thank you for providing such awesome episodes.


Thanks K-Town great work.


Absolutely love this show! K-Town’s interview method is amazing! I find myself asking a question and the next thing I hear is her asking it. I’m in the car for hours a day and Mysterious Radio has kept me sane with all the insane topics! Since I just found it I have many hours of entertainment ahead of me! ~Brenda

K town had me with this show

I’ve listened to podcasts for years and this is the first show I have joined a patreon for. (Well worth it) Interesting and thought provoking topics and an intriguing, silky voiced host who asks well thought out questions.

Love it

K-town is a great interviewer. She asks such amazing questions. She has amazing topics that are varied so you don’t hear the same subjects over and over again. Big fan.

Favorite Podcast!

I stumbled upon this podcast one day when I was bored at work, and I’ve been a fan since. I love the wide range of discussions, topics, and experts/guests. K-town’s voice is so soothing and calm, it’s an awesome counter-balance to the sometimes upsetting or “crazy” topics that get brought up. K-town is always very accepting, and inquisitive, of the topics and asks many good questions to further conversations. I’ve had to go on several road trips recently, and the time always seems to fly by if I put on some mysterious radio. If you’re interested in the paranormal, true crime, the occult, conspiracies, Bigfoot, or anything similar, this is the podcast for you!

Not what I expected

The only rating I’ve ever written! Amazing show! They go over everything you want to know and things you didn’t know you did!! The host asks all the right questions and takes every guest EXTREMELY seriously!! Hooked!!

Loyal fan

Love this show - this family team works so so hard to bring us so much quality content and I’m hear for it! I love K-towns voice and her interviewing skills are amazing! It’s like she’s grabbing the questions I’m thinking about out of my head! The producer, Kim, does an amazing job!! Keep up the great work! I will always promote you guys whenever and wherever I can!

My favorite pod

Everyone who gives this podcast one or two stars and complains about the commercials can go eat a bag of dix. Subscribe and pay a woman. K town and her parters works so hard to produce great interesting content with literally the best interview questions I have ever Hurd. She is genuinely interested in what people have to say and is interested there experiences. She creates a space for people to tell there story and whether or not you choose to believe it is up to you. K town my partner and I love you and your shows <3

Obsessed!! Love these podcasts!

Interesting, diversity of topics and professional without being boring describe Mysterious Radio! I have not stopped listening from all I missed! Thought provoking!

Love this!!

Love this podcast! K-Town is a great host. I’m always excited to see what the next podcast will be.


Love K-Town! Great Guests! Great Questions! Great Podcast! Highly recommend!

Love K Town!!

Awesome podcast!! My favorite K Town is the best!!

Great listen

I have really enjoyed this podcast! K-town you have such a great voice and your interview skills are top notch. Very interesting topics Keep up the great work.

Helpful Individual

I love this podcast. K-Town is an EXCELLENT Host and I love hearing all the intriguing episodes. Thank you Mysterious Radio for keeping us informed and also having an entertaining twist.

#1 Spookypod

From JFK to black alien goo from the 5th dimension to Atlantis, K-Town finds some of the most fascinating people and approaches them with an understanding and an open mind. She provides a platform for people to discuss and explore ideas on a whole new level. I’ve been listening for years and support the Patreon, this podcast is always new. I love the show and highly recommend diving in.

Love it

Great podcast

Great Interviews

Very much on the ball and engaged, K-town is always listening, interested, asking the questions you want asked, and respectful. Plus the show output is amazing. Some podcasts arebi-monthly! Interesting and entertaining, you will be engaged in the topic regardless of your beliefs or viewpoints.

New listener

I’m a new listener but your podcast is definitely focused on things that fascinate me and I enjoy listen to the interviews. It’s very insightful. Thank you!

Mysterious radio is the bomb

I listen to this wonderful podcast so much and love it ! KTOWN is so easy going and nonjudgmental! Mysterious radio is so open minded and the topics are really diverse! When I click on my library and see a new episode has been added it feels like a Christmas present! Thanks KTOWN and mysterious radio for making my running and hiking and driving so enjoyable!

Outstanding Interviews, captivating subjects SUPER ADDICTED!

I love K-Towns voice, she’s compassionate, and curious about the unexplained and unusual Her guests are interesting, the topics are carried, and there is never a dull episode! I listen while I work my second job, and I always look forward to the topics I tell everyone about K-Town, quote: shes there best podcast out there, hands down. Keep up the good work, KTown and Kim, I am totally addicted to your show

One of my favorite podcasts!

I love the variety of topics and guests. KTown’s voice is great to listen to and I almost feel like she’s in my hometown. I’m a fellow Tennessean!

Mysterious radio

Great show! Been listening to Mysterious Radio for 4 years now and have been hooked ever since, K Town does an excellent job finding rare guests . K Town , Art Bell , Joe Rupe are the best out there !!!!!!!! Much love From David Borboa

Mysterious Radio

By far my favorite show in Podcast. Every show has something new for me to learn, Every show is exciting and I love your voice K-Town. Thank you for keeping my work hours smooth. I appreciate you! Ignacio Mota

Love this podcast

My favorite podcast. Very interesting, entertaining, and with the right amount of creepy. K-Town is an awesome host!

One of the best

This is def. one of the top paranormal/conspiracy podcasts out there. Plus, its got one of the best hosts out there. Ktown is the host with the most!

Love this show!

Love the content, guests and KTown’s relaxing voice! Great show!!!

K Town is AWESOME!!!!

I could listen to K Town talk all day long. What a wonderful speaking voice! One of the great things about Mysterious Radio is all the different types of guests and subjects. And being a Patreon member gives me even more. I’ve listened to everyone of the shows at least once. This is definitely my go to source during the work day. Love getting the notification that a new one is ready. Thank you K Town, Kim and the rest of the group for the wonderful work they do.

K-Town always has interesting topics!

I love all the interesting topics and people K-Town has on her podcast. It is always interesting.

Amazing Podcast

Love the podcast! K-Town is amazing! Literally binge listen to this podcast everyday at work

Best Podcast Ever!!!

Great Story line, with intense interviews. K-Town always keeps you on the edge wanting more!!! Keep up the great shows!!!

Love this Podcast!

K-Town is the perfect host. She creates an atmosphere that transports into the stories she shares!

Mysterious Radio is my favorite podcast

Mysterious Radio is my favorite podcast. KTown has some of the best guests ever. Anything on Sasquatch and the other side and I will listen over and over.

Love K Town!

I found my perfect show! K Town has a smooth relaxing voice and always has people on who discuss topics I love. She doesn’t constantly interrupt her guests, she lets them talk and asks the questions I want to ask. I can’t get enough of this podcast, I am a Patreon subscriber and hope this show carries on for a long time.

Love this podcast!

Great podcast! K-Town is a born radio host: the smoothest voice, always asks the best questions and always respectful to guests. Love the content and she is a natural interviewer. Among the best paranormal podcasts out there and better than Coast to Coast. In my top three must-listen to paranormal podcasts.

LOVE the show! I eagerly await each new episode. ❤️

A very diverse set of guests and topics to expand your mind and explore new avenues of ideas and information.

Top-notch quality podcast

I have been listening to this podcast from the beginning. I absolutely love it! K town‘s interview style is excellent. Great choice of guest speakers and this podcast is never boring. One of my favorites!

Best Paranormal-Conspiracy Show

This is by far the best paranormal, conspiracy and the unexplained podcast I have ever listened to. K-Town is the perfect compliment to a show of this nature. She is very respectful of her guests and she has a voice that draws you in for more! The guests always seem to be top notch and the topics are never dull. I just discovered this podcast and I have been binge listening ever since! I cannot get enough of this. Definitely a highlight of my week! Best quality show and I recommend to everyone. The content always grabs my attention even if it is something I don’t believe in, it still has me listening as if I am a believer! From the eerie tone music to chilling information that comes to light in every episode, I get hooked every time!! Generally I don’t leave reviews of lengthy magnitudes but this show is 100% worth it. By far my favorite! Never a disappointment with the episodes that come out. This truly is one of the top tier podcasts on the market today!! I always help spread the notoriety of it to anyone I know that falls in to the same interests as I do and I will continue to help advertise it! Keep up the tremendous work K-Town!

Literally the only Podcast I listen to.

I’ve been listening to Mysterious Radio for years now. It is the only Podcast I have consistently kept up with and the only one I’m currently listening to. It covers so many subjects and all of the topics I’m interested in!I love that it is still here and appreciate KTown and everyone who works on it.

Love it!!

I love this podcast. With such a wide variety of topics and guests, there is something for everybody to learn and enjoy. This is by far my favorite podcast!

Well Produced and Always Interesting

Sometimes creepy, sometimes weird, sometimes completely unnerving and occasionally out of my comfort zone, but this podcast is always captivating, Mysterious Radio is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the way K-Town always holds space for her guests with interest and grace. There’s a really great non-opinionated journalistic tone to this pod that I adore. I don’t always agree with the guests, but I do appreciate the level of respect that is given to each and every guest.

My favorite podcast!

I came upon mysterious radio by luck and it has become my favorite podcast! K-town is an excellent host! She allows the guests to actually talk and she asks excellent follow up questions. The content of all the shows are so interesting! I’m enjoying going back and listening to past shows. I look forward to the new podcast every week.

Excellent host

I don’t usually do reviews but I had to for this podcast. I have been searching for one with these topics for a while now and no luck. The hosts voice is soothing, great questions and amazing stories... this podcast really helps me get thru my work days... ty... oh maybe you can do more topics on energy work and healing!!!


I appreciate this podcasts willingness to discuss anything and everything. Great expert guests and worth the listen for sure!


Great guest, great show!


K-Town is honestly the most professional, thorough and warm host! I love the that she is so broad with her guests. Her curiosity drives her questions and I am obsessed! She goes deep with every guest and is open minded and authentic. Whether she has a “flat-earther” or a homicide detective, she is kind and really shows interest in their perspective. Check out her other shows if you like this one. Bizarre times and Seven. Love you K-Town! Don’t ever stop investigating the mysterious!

Listen with an open mind

I felt compelled to re-review this great podcast after seeing a truly ignorant and disheartening negative review that I felt compelled to re-review this podcast. I know Katina will just let it go and keep on doing what she does best which I commend her for. But, wow, just wow. People can be so hurtful. Maybe they didn’t get hugged enough. Katina provides her guests an open, non judgemental platform. This gives her listeners the chance to hear information, even if it seems way out and let’s them choose for themselves whether they believe or not. Give it a listen. Lots of theories are interconnected if you listen long enough. Katina and staff, thank you for your hard work. It is appreciated.

Love !

I think the hostess is good because she lets the guest talk and share while also asking relevant questions, which allows the guest to flow with their story so it’s a nice organic vibe

Love listening

I enjoy your podcast so much. You ask the questions that I would ask. You are open minded and don’t show bias in your interviews. I also enjoy your voice. I turn off podcasts right away if I don’t connect with a speaker’s voice. And, most of all you have such a great variety of guests and subjects. Love listening!


Always a pleasure to listen to, .. the show displays respect to guests and listeners, kindness and an open mind! One of my favorites! Fan in Texas panhandle!

Alternative in the best way!

I have been listening to this podcast for some time, and I am delighted with the amount of episodes that have been released! K-town has a very soothing voice and is an incredibly empathetic interviewer. No matter how alternative her guests content might be, they are always safe in her hands. The episodes are entertaining and provide a peek into concepts and beliefs that push the boundaries and are fun to listen and think about.

K-Town Delivers Exceptional Podcasts!

Excellent, in-depth interviews and consistently interesting topics. K-Town explores an array of sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, sometimes unexplained, and/or sometimes disturbing topics, with zero sensationalism, which I very much appreciate. K-Town is extremely smart and talented, she has a perfect podcast voice—she’d be terrific on radio or TV, as well—and she has an easy way with her guests that results in some terrific storytelling. Highly recommend.

LOVE this

I recently discovered this podcast, and it is riveting. I love the way you pace the interviews, and the questions you ask. The chill tone also allows it to be one of the only things I can listen to during chronic severe migraines. So thank you!!

Alway uplifting

Insightful calm K Town is the best

Bloody Amazing!

K-town is amazing! I discovered this podcast randomly while scrolling. Listening to podcasts was a habit I wanted to get into but just couldn’t find anything that keeps my attention until I found mysterious radio. There’s so much realistic knowledge to her interviews and also how she leads the interviews is sooo much to learn from. Her follow ups and her the questions are a real talent. Good on you K-town, you’re amazing!

Best podcast ever

Searched for many podcasts and finally the one! Lost of episodes, k town brings at least 3 episodes a week. K town is the best host. I work for the post office and I listen to at least 4 episodes a day while on the route. Keep up the great show k town! Shout me out please lol ( Jesse Villagomez)


I’m not normally a podcast listener, but I came across this podcast and I can’t stop listening. The content has all the subjects I study and research. Plus I’m a Witch (positive energy only) so it totally jives with my soul. I’ve gone all the way back to the first episode and now I’m trying to catch up. are wonderful too!!! I’ve noticed that nearly every guest being interviewed will tell K-Town “that’s a great question” somewhere in the episodes. Lol so that just proves she’s doing a great job and diggin deep! I’m so happy I found this podcast! 🔆this review was not paid for by Mysterious Radio🔆. 🤨

Awesome show

Love your show K-Town. Love the subject’s and your guests. Keep em coming!


I just found this Podcast this past week and am OBSESSED!!!!! Just perfect for my interest. Keep up the good work! 👻👽😈

Great unbiased information

I love this podcast. The wide variety of topics coupled with unbiased hosts is the perfect combination for an intriguing, educational and fascinating experience. Keep up the great work!

Information The Planet Needs

Pleasantly surprised by this podcast, because with paranormal topics it's often hit or miss. A great range of topics and the host is well researched and seems to take the subjects "seriously".

Love this podcast

I stumbled onto this podcast about 2 months ago and loved it. KTown has the perfect voice to be a host. I have joined Patreon and have just about listened to every episode. I look forward to bedtime every night because that’s when I listen. Thank you for the great material.

Can’t get enough

I was so pleased to find this podcast. I really like the mix of topics covered. K Town has a wonderful voice and her line of questions are really on point. Keep up the great work!

Fabulous host and interviews!

The biggest issue for me when it comes to podcasts is when the audio isn’t good. This podcast has superb audio! The interviews come in clear and leveled, and the host is fabulous. She comes up with great questions, and I’m enjoying the topics! So glad I found this show. 😀

Love you K Town

You are the real deal. Very intelligent questions and excellent content. I absolutely love your open mind. A great listener. Can’t wait to hear each week!

A variety of paranormal info

I really like the wide variety of paranormal subjects and the excellent interviews on this show. My new favorite paranormal podcast, thanks Ktown!

Best Alien/Paranormal Podcast

I love, love, love this show and the host! She is amazing and asks the exact questions you are thinking. They cut to the chase with the stories and no “fluff” talk which I like. If you love alien/paranormal contact this is the podcast for you!

Excellent podcast

Found this the other day and I’m hooked. Have been binging since. K-town you are a great host.


Just found your podcast the other day really really like it..... but it’s pronounced Illinois the S is not pronounced 😛

Perfection in a podcast

This is my new favorite podcast! Very well put together, tons of useful information, great guest speakers. There are very few podcasts that don’t bore me to tears. This one is the best!

Long time fan

Been listening since ≈2016. Great interviewing by K-Town every time! Be warned the ads are quite often and sometimes location based and other times in a completely different language. Much love to Mysterious Radio! 💯☣️🌤🦠🦋👾🕶👻🦉

A Wonderful Host

Without a doubt one of the best if not the best podcast hosts. No wasting time, just off and running on the topics.

Well done!

Recently I found this podcast and have been binge listening over the past few weeks. It has become my favorite, and I am very impressed with K-Town’s interview style. The guests are varied, unique, and always interesting, but the host asks clever questions bringing out the best in each special guest. Thank you to everybody involved in making this podcast so well done.

Ref Wilburn Allen

Working in intelligence for the major part of my life I want to thank Mr. Allen for his excellent interview on your podcast. Only through people willing to come forward can the truth be known. Love your way style of interviewing and a great show! I’m hooked!

Best Show Ever

A little too many commercials, and they are interjected at awkward moments instead of natural, planned breaks. Also, it’d be better if the commercials were more reflective of the values of the show. The show and the adverts clash.. you go from hearing about the meaning of life and spirituality to hearing a pitch for an addictive and harmful nicotine product. But otherwise I love this show, it’s worth the advertising issues. I love her voice, it’s so soothing and the topics are fascinating. Great balance between narration and conversation. No fluff just fascinating information and opinions.

Fantastic Top Podcast!

This host is on her way to fame! She needs a TV show! Great guests always!

Facinating podcast!

I love K-Towns voice too as the previous reviewer. All so interesting. She asks all the right questions. I listen many nights before bed because it’s fascinating but meditative at the same time. Also - if I fall asleep I trust the subject matter and K-Town enough to let it seep into my subconscious.

Great talk show

I love this show I’ve learned things on here that I never heard before. Finished all of season 5 now starting on Season 4.

One of my new favorites

I love the variety of supernatural & spiritual topics and the host always asks really good questions.

This is it!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve tried all the paranormal podcasts and if you are looking for the best this is a it! The best host, the best guests, the best subject matter. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So interesting!

I love K Town’s voice. I enjoy listening and learning from this show. Appreciate all the effort you put into it!

This show is seriously no joke, hop on the wagon to K-Town central!!

Stumbled upon this show while listening and bargaining on another. From the first sentence to the closing of the episode called The Chicago Mothman I was literally hooked! And been heeding as many different installments since that very day! Cannot wait to become more intertwined in the next episode! If you don’t listen to this show on a very regular basis YOU ARE missing out my friends!! This show is seriously no joke, hop on the wagon to K-Town central! To K-Town: you have a truly amazing show, and you’re an especially most excellent and extremely captivating hostess! Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you for entertaining us day in and out!!!!

I Love this Podcast

This podcast is new to me and I can not stop listening!!!!!!!

I don’t understand the negative reviews

I love this podcast! Even if some subjects and guests are not what I’m interested in I’m still able to recognize a well thought out show. I look forward to listening every day and I think K towns voice is lovely

Great podcast

I just came upon this podcast. I really enjoy the subject matter as well as the interview questions.

Haunted Illinois

Great Podcast. Love listening to it. But the S is silent in saying ILLINOIS. So you don’t say the S in saying ILLINOIS.

Favorite podcast!

Been listening to Mysterious Radio for years now. KTown is the best host! Best voice, non judgmental or biased, and never talks over the guests. The topics are all my favorite things to listen about!

Love it!

I’ve been listening to MR for a couple of months now and absolutely love the content. K-Town is an excellent interviewer and always brings the most out of her guests. Love every podcast and that there are several episodes released during the week.

New Favorite

I absolutely love this podcast, I’ve been binging for a few days now, I enjoy the set up of the show and I love that K Town thinks to ask the questions that I’m thinking about too.

Interesting and enticing

Great show, love all the interviews. Listening to Poisonous Skies right now about chemical trails which I find very interesting since if you've ever been in an airplane you can imagine how much energy being released by the jet engines to get two hundred plus people off the ground and knowing the by produces of fossil fuels that we use and see every day, it’s amazing that people are surprised to see chemical exhaust coming from the engines of a plane. It is effecting our environment and it is a problem but one that can logically be explained through physics and general observation. Really appreciate the show and all the open mindedness and consideration of all the possibility we find our selves contemplation in this beautiful universe c::

Legit + real fact

I found this podcast by accident and I’m so glad I did!!! I just love how this is all interview from people in the inside of conspiracy knowledge it’s so accurate I wish I could give a million stars for this podcast because it’s just this good!!! So for anyone who love conspiracy but love real fact check this podcast!!!!!! It’s the best podcast I love it!!!!

Will not disappoint!

First off, the host K-Town, has a nice soothing voice and asks great/interesting questions to the guests related to the subject matter. All the people interviewed are credible and there are so many new books I want to buy thanks to this podcast. Also the subject matter is all very compelling, if you like paranormal or just “mysterious” topics in general you will love this podcast!

New Subscriber! You guy’s hard work shows in your cast.

Thank you, you guys podcast efforts into making a great quality show..shows. Especially now with all the craziness of having out life’s and work totally switch up. Thank you again for all your hard work. I’ll let me peeps know to check out your cast. ✌🏼

Fresh & Fun

I think that this show is awesome-sauce! My mind is constantly racing and listening to the smoothness of that VOICE just soothes me. Even though we are talking about Bigfoot, flat earth and other various creepy topics, the approach to these topics is clean, clear and concise. The quality of what we get to hear and the amount of research the guests have done make this something you don’t want to miss. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this program.

The best paranormal podcast on the web!

K-Town’s shows have the most interesting and freaky subject matter on the web. I have been a fan of Art bell before but now I have a new favorite. Her knowledge of her guests subject matter is unparalleled especially in The paranormal genre.I I have tried other hosts they are always trying to be cute and spend a lot of time talking about themselves and what they did last weekend or whatever trying to be cute.She gets straight to the point. And I’m hooked a few minutes into the interview.Her voice is so smooth and the cadence and inflection is very unique and soothing. Only problem is it’s getting to where I can’t relax and get to sleep without listening to it so I hope she sticks with it for a long time. I’d rather listen to a rerun of hers than a new episode of anyone else’s For real, please thank her for her hard work. Peace love and god bless K-town.I’m not trying to hit on her (I’m happily married) Keith Burrows

Great show

K-Town is an amazing host. Her honest curiosity is very compelling. She asks the questions that all of us listening want to hear. K-Town just keep being you.

Great show!!

Completely love the voice of K-Town. Coupled with intelligent questions and masters the direction of the show. The perfect storm.

Good listening

I’ve been working night shift for two years, podcasts like this open my mind and keep me occupied during the dark cold nights. Very good material and some good guests. Host does a great job analyzing every show, making it easier for the every day listener to understand. Cheers and enjoy !

Extremely informative

So much material covered! And love that the host asks questions that I’m thinking as I’m listening. And this author is so knowledgeable! Because of this episode I’m going to read his book. This is a topic I have had questions about. So I really appreciate this information! Thank you

Great host

Love the host , she lets her guest tell their stories without interrupting, like a lot of other podcasts. Good stories and guests!

This podcast is full of topics

And Kay town is the best voice in podcasting! She sets the tone for creepy or unknown topic on hand! You won’t find a better one, in this topic or type of show! She ask the best questions of the guest, the ones we’d ask if we were there, and many more I wouldn’t think of! Best ever!

Best Interview yet w James True

Seriously blown away at how great your questions were for James. Loved your crrow777 episode as well. Thanks for having some pals on. Just rediscovered your show again after a few years. Good to see you’re still at it and killin it. Cheers.

Very good interviewer

And a very nice voice too. Intersting topics, very good!

Super Star ⭐️ U R

In all seriousness I very much enjoy your podcast. I listen every single minute I’m driving or on the treadmill. Your voice is great and the interviews are done very well. Keep it going!

Great host

I love listening to K-town interview people. She isn't afraid to ask whatever questions she has on her mind. I'm not a huge conspiracy theorist, and I often find my eyes rolling at some of the topics, but I keep listening because it is so entertaining!

Mind altering supernatural w/a comforting voice!

I love everything supernatural and I’ve sought all info pertaining to this topic since my own ufo encounter. This podcast has opened me up to so many more topics that interest me like spirituality, cryptids, soul healing, and so much more! There are so many knowledgeable people that she interviews and even when they come off as not-so-believable so is so respectful and pleasant. I really appreciate the topics and K-Town’s voice!

Deserves more than 5 Stars!

I absolutely love this podcast. The host, KTown, is hands down an amazing interviewer. The questions are well thought out and researched. I love the genuine tone, as well as the humor. So happy to have found this podcast!

Love your Laugh

Hello Ktown, this is the 1st review I’ve ever expressed on line. I loved your interview with Duane Scott and listening to your laugh! He was also a good guest to interview. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for about 1 year now and I think your interview questions are great. Love your podcast.

Love the show!!

I absolutely love your show! K town you are an amazing host! You truly care for others and it shows. Your podcast helps me get through long hours on the night shift!! I’m addicted and look forward to each new show!

Awesome podcast!

Thank you for an awesome experience of listening! My work requires to drive a lot and with your podcast I really enjoy driving! Now I can’t wait for those long trips because those are the best! Even your voice is mysterious K Town!


I am addicted to this podcaster. Interesting content... will make you wonder and question what is real. The production is top notch with well rounded line up of guests. I just can’t stop listening. Great job.... keep up the good work. I plan on becoming a TRUTHER next month. Jenny

Enjoying the show

Just got hooked onto the show, the content is enjoyable so far, I’ve been bingeing episodes and am looking forward to what’s to come. I do agree with other reviews, K towns voice is very soothing, and her questions are bright and forwards the interviews into interesting areas.

The Medusa File

“Oy vey, goyim! Look over here! It wasn’t the jews, it was the Corsican mafia! Kvetch kvetch!”

Great talk show

I love this show I’ve learned things on here that I never heard before

K-Town has consistently fascinating subject matter AND is a phenomenal person.

FAVORITE PODCAST EVER. K-Town, THANK YOU for not caving in to the bizarre recent pressure to self censor on several topics. It is seriously courageous for you to use your platform to speak the truth about politicization of the corona virus. The silent majority secretly agrees and feel they can’t say so out loud, but there are a select few that will attack you loudly for challenging their indoctrination - stay strong! Other podcasts are tripping all over themselves in order to spout the appropriate talking points and “wokeness”, which is frankly disgusting when the talking points clearly are nonsensical. They have no ethics, but you do. Thanks to Mysterious Radio- Just within the past WEEK, I learned about: -The occult’s stranglehold on the music industry with actual insight into the long misunderstood and dismissed “Paul is Dead” rumor?! WHOA. -How much more is alleged to be behind the OKC bombing than what we were told -Individual testimony of relationships with ETs and astral travel -Closely followed by another guest who makes a compelling (and quite horrifying) case that ETs are most likely DEMONS here to deceive us! My head is going to explode, in the best possible way.

Love the station

When I first ran into this great program K Town drew me in with a topic on Bigfoot. I’m an avid listener now and considering donating quite soon. Keep up the great work guys Many thanks , Jeff Apple phone user

Great Podcast

K Town hosts a great Podcast. Shows are interesting, K Town has great guests, covers interesting subjects, asks good questions, and she has a wonderful voice! Thanks

Dr Begich

Great interview. He is right on! Looking forward to listening to more!

Learning by accident 😁

I’m nearly obsessed with this show! Best questions asked of the interviewees - awesome content❤️ And...I love to listen on my Surf Bluetooth and in transit in my car! Thanks for this show and the amount of mind opening and thought inspiring content provided!

Give it a few episodes and you’ll be back for more

I found an episode that interested me during a road trip, and was hooked. Various topics that cover both my wife and my interests. K-Town has the perfect voice, but more importantly, she asks the guests excellent questions, while the guests express even the nuttiest opinions without derision or interruptions. And there’s a lot of episodes to choose from. Highly recommended!

Medusa Files

Loved the Craig Roberts interview, would like him back in!! Great job Ktown!!

Great show

Been listening for about a week now and I love the show. I listen to and from work and on long road trips. Very interesting and K Town has a smooth voice ! Will keep listening

Love your show

I just recently found your show and I love it! I love paranormal, odd, and things that can’t be explained. You always ask in depth questions to you’re guests to get as much information for your listeners as possible. I looked forward to hearing many more episodes. Keep up the awesome work.

Get Mysterious NOW!

Mysterious Radio podcast is the best. No contest. K-Town and crew really care about humanity and wish to help explore and reveal the mysteries of our times. I’ve been listening for 4 years. They’ve produced consistently great shows and it continues to be insightful and educational. Give Mysterious Radio Podcast a try, support independent researchers, and keep an open mind!


I adore k-town and her diligently out-there podcast. She has a great voice and is a clear interviewer. Though, the audio from her guests needs to be worked on. Which is likely their responsibility but it’s a real problem sometimes.

My favorite

K-Town gets down to business and I love that, she goes straight to the story. I’m addicted to this podcast since I found it!

A Must Listen Podcast

My only must listen podcast. K Town has the most unbelievable voice for podcasting and she has excellent guests and topics. If you try this podcast once you will never look back. It’s just so entertaining.

Interesting Topics, Great Host

I love K-Town’s voice; it’s so soothing! I stumbled across this podcast and I am hooked! I feel like K-Town and I could be BFFs! She always has great guests on the show and she’s so informed. I listen to podcasts every night - and Mysterious Radio is definitely one of my “go-to” podcasts!


Love ya k-town. Love listening.

I LOVE KTown!!!

I love this podcast. I love KTowns voice and her laugh. Lots of interesting topics. Some of the most profound episodes are from the beginning but the new ones are just as great! I get excited when I see new shows.


The information is so eye opening. KTOWN ROCKS!

I never miss a show!

Great content, great guests. Plus K-Town has a sexy voice. I can’t stop listening.

One of my favorites

Love this show!!

Great podcast!

Stumbled on this podcast and so glad I did. I’ve now spent countless hours listening to available episodes. I’m pretty frugal but still felt compelled to become a Patreon subscriber because yes, it’s that good. K-Town is all you want in a host, but so much more. She asks very thought provoking questions of guests and I find myself more often than not thinking “what a great question to ask!” Keep on doing what you do and thank you for putting the content out there for listeners!

Love this show!

Amazing voice, great interviewer, love this show!

Fabulous Podcast

I love this Podcast. K-town has such a soothing lovely voice. She has an excellent informed Podcast that I always enjoy listening. I also listen to them again. Thanks K-Town 💕

Good listen!

Great show! Love the content! Keep them coming!


This has become one of my favorite podcasts! I can’t wait for more!

Great show with Dr. Bruce

Great show! Love K-Town!

Quite enjoyable!

This pod cast covers almost every topic you can think of in the paranormal realm, and a few true life situations too.

Great show, great content!!!

When ever I need some mystery.... I come to mysterious radio. Love it!

Awesome and diverse show!

This is an awesome podcast that covers a variety of topics including Bigfoot, UFO’s and ghosts. Very well produced

Mysterious Radio

I think K-Tell is one of the best podcasters out there. She lets the guests talk and when she comments, it is valuable input. Interesting topics. Nice Job K-Tell!!!!

Great Podcast

I love this podcast, I highly recommend to listen. It only takes one episode and you’re hooked!


Excellent host great voice and good subjects

Great podcast K Town

I like listening at work is so interesting and knowledgeable , especially I love her voice mis KTown keep doing in amazing job


I love this podcast! Informative and entertaining. Love listening to this at work it makes my day go faster


Interesting and entertaining

I’m new to this pod cast life

I am so happy I found your pod cast its fantastic thank you for all the hard work

Good stuff

Intriguing subjects, great host, K-Town gets me through my work nights!


Just found your podcast. Love your podcast and your openness to all. Thanks!

Great variety

One of my favorite podcasts. Love the variety of content, and K-Town’s voice is so soothing. Have recommended this podcast to many!

Love this station.

I love paranormal and this station has everything I like. I been listening for over a year. And I will always continue. It’s the best. Love hearing the shows.


Love the tone you set for a good listening experience along with excellent guests and topics!!! 😁


Love listening to you. Great shows


Great guests with an even better host

My favorite late night podcast!

Can’t say enough great things about this podcast. K-Town is the best - beautiful voice, so soothing and really draws me into anything she’s talking about. She’s always asking great questions and keeps it interesting throughout the interviews. Thanks for the great show.

Amazingly spooky!

K Town!! Your voice is amazing it’s the perfect combination for this type of podcast!!! Thank you thank you for the content you provide!! - Liz M from So Cal!

Awesome show

Great content, host k-town is always a joy to listen to.

Love you k-town

I look forward to this awesome podcast. I’m super interested in all the things she talks about and she asks all the questions I want to ask. This is definitely worth your time!

So Interesting

Great podcast with interesting nonjudgmental interviews. Doesn’t matter what the topic. K-town does an awesome job!