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Dec. 17, 2019

What Really Awaits Us After Death

What Really Awaits Us After Death

In this edition I invite David Dye to come on the show to discuss this truly amazing book 'Messages From Beyond The Veil' written in a most extraordinary way.


Death is a difficult and inescapable part of our human existence but is it the end? If not, what comes next?


For as long as human consciousness has existed, we have wondered about our life before and after death. We want to know why we are born on Earth and from where we came. What are we expected to do while we are here, and for what purpose? Is there something beyond our present scope of knowledge that makes this life worth living? Do we have guardian angels living among us and watching over us, guiding us to make the correct choices during our existence on Earth?


In Messages from Beyond the Veil, you will read recorded messages from spirits who lived on Earth. You will learn who and what God is, how He creates, why He created us, and that our souls are immortal. You will learn what life is like in the spiritual realms; about life in a world without time, where past, present, and future exist simultaneously.


An understanding will come to you, no matter what religion you practice, or what beliefs have been instilled in you-an understanding that dispels your fears and creates a deep calm and a sense of purpose in your life.


Finally, our questions have been answered.

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