Sept. 27, 2020

Travel Tales of the Paranormal

Travel Tales of the Paranormal

My special guest is the "Traveling Psychologist" Michael Brien who's here to discuss his book that details true accounts of mysterious phenomena encountered by travelers.,204,203,200_.jpg

His website
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Travel opens the door to the unknown. 

When you pack your bags for travel and adventure, you might get more than you expected - a side trip into a phantom world where mysterious things happen. 

This collection of original true stories tells of travelers around the world who are suddenly faced with ghosts, paranormal phenomena, unusual synchronicities, time slips, magic, visions, past-life connections, premonitions, mystical experiences, mysterious figures, and more. Each story has an expert, insightful commentary. 

Hear about: 

  • A blood-soaked man who wanders the streets of Paris 
  • An angry dead woman who destroys a house 
  • Mystical experiences beyond time at sacred sites 
  • A gas-pumping ghost in the desert 
  • Death curses and devil snakes 
  • And much more!