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Oct. 6, 2021

The Upper Darby Poltergeist

The Upper Darby Poltergeist

My special guest tonight is Mark Keyes who's here to discuss his book surrounding a terrifying poltergeist that went on for years. Get his book The Upper Darby Poltergeist: A PPA Investigation on Amazon.

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The spellbinding true story of an American family of seven tormented by poltergeist activity beyond imagination.

In 2010, The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association (The PPA) was requested to investigate claims of a severe haunting in Upper Darby, PA. Reports of encounters by the family far exceeded those of typical ghostly activity. Following an initial interview, investigators had some skepticism regarding the frequency and magnitude of the activity, as reported. They were wrong!

This true story chronicles events that took place during a comprehensive paranormal investigation, spanning more than two years, with four different visits to a suburban home, just outside of the City of Philadelphia. What was uncovered through the investigation, were angry ghosts, occult spells, entity attachments, and an incredible amount of poltergeist activity.

Readers will learn of the successes and failures of The PPA as the investigation continued and hear about some of the struggles that this family of seven endured for so long.

Mark Allan Keyes, a retired State Police Detective, is currently working as a private investigator. He is a speaker and instructor on paranormal investigation and as a parapsychologist, has been involved in over 200 resolution cases. Keyes is an expert commentator on Travel Channel’s Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 911. Numerous PPA investigations have been highlighted on Travel Channel’s Paranormal Survivorand Destination America’s The Haunted. Author may be contacted through:

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Mark Allan Keyes (Kize) Profile Photo

Mark Allan Keyes (Kize)

Author and Director of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association

Mark Allan Keyes, Director of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, lecturer, and author, is a retired State Police Detective with a background in Psychology, now working as a County Detective/School Resouce Officer. Since 2007, Mark has been involved in working on well over 200 paranormal resolution cases, and because of his background, has been featured on many television and radio shows. Mark is a lecturer on paranormal topics and has written two books, The Upper Darby Poltergeist and Chasing Shadows: A Criminal Investigators Look into the Paranormal.