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Jan. 6, 2021

The Haunted Myrtles Plantation

The Haunted Myrtles Plantation

Tonight, my special guest is author Rebecca Pittman who's here to discuss her book about the reported hauntings at The Myrtles Plantation. Get the book for your collection.

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Welcome back to the haunted hallways of the Myrtles Plantation, in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Named The Most-Haunted Home in America, this 220-year-old antebellum plantation plays host to guests from around the world...and "other worlds." Her moss-laden trees have witnessed it all--from murders to voodoo, pirates to poison, slavery and the Civil War.With new photos, history, and today's ghost stories, this 2nd Edition issue will invite you to peek through her upside-down keyholes and discover the secrets of the Myrtles Plantation.

Rebecca PittmanProfile Photo

Rebecca Pittman

Special Guest

I was raised in a rather unusual environment. My mother owned a successful modeling agency in Salt Lake City. I was on a runway by the time I was 5, teaching modeling by age 16, and helping women find confidence and a core of self-worth, by my early 20's. The fashion industry also gave me a background in creating special events.
I have made my living as a professional muralist, motivational speaker, TV Talk Show Host, and author. I majored in journalism and art in college, and find joy in creating, using both brush and keyboard.
Writing about historic places with paranormal activity is a passion of mine. Their history is fascinating...what I call the "bones" of the place. From there you begin to understand the hauntings that typically list the places I write about in the top 10 most-haunted venues in the world. I research them extensively, spend the nights in their shadowed bedrooms, and interview the owners, staff, and customers to create the most comprehensive book I can.