Nov. 30, 2021

Stranger West: Paranormal Accounts from the Western United States

Stranger West: Paranormal Accounts from the Western United States

Tonight's edition takes us back down the paranormal road with my special guest author and researcher John Olsen here to discuss true stories from the Western part of the United States.

Stranger West is book 3 in the Stranger Bridgerland Series. Stranger West is a collection of first-hand accounts of the Paranormal from the Western United States. Stories of Ghosts, Sasquatch, Cryptids, and UFOs await you in this 3rd book. Stranger West is part of the collection of stories Author John Olsen has collected over 30 years of paranormal research.


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John Olsen Profile Photo

John Olsen


John Olsen is the author of The Stranger Bridgerland book series. his latest book Beyond Stranger U.S continues the true paranormal stories John has collected over his 30 years of paranormal interviews. John lives in Northern Utah where he was born and raised. His experiences growing up in a haunted 100year old home fueled his interest in the paranormal that grew into investigating and collecting others' stories. Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, and more can be found in his 5 book series.