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Sept. 28, 2020 Unexplained

The Lost Boys of Hannibal

My special guest tonight is author John Wingate who's here to discuss one fo the most baffling disappearances in Missouri History…

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Sept. 27, 2020 Modern History Unexplained

World's Greatest Mysteries

My special guest tonight is Lionel Fanthorpe who's here to discuss some of the most perplexing mysteries in the world and beyond.…

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Sept. 26, 2020 Conspiracy Unexplained

Your Shattered Reality - The Mandela Effect

My special guest tonight is author and researcher Rob Shelsky who's here to discuss events that occurred in our history may have …

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Sept. 25, 2020 Other Unexplained

Unmasking Evil with Reverse Speech

Tonight, is my special guest researcher David Oats who has spent years researching how reverse speech is extremely useful to help…

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Stranger West

Tonight's edition takes us back down the paranormal road with my special guest author and researcher John Olsen here to discuss t…

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June 2, 2020 Ufo/Alien Unexplained

Otherworldly Encounters

Tonight, we travel to the Maine to discuss all the weird phenomena occurring in Maine with my special guest author Nomar Slevik.B…

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Eerie North Carolina - Flashback

Tonight, we release a favorite from the archives about one of the most perplexing phenomena's in North Carolina!

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Valley of High Strangeness

Tonight, we discuss an area of the United States with more than it's far share unbelievable anomalies such as UFO's, strange crea…

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Chasing American Monsters

My guest tonight is an author Christopher O'Brien who has complied a huge collection of over 250 different beasts reported all ov…

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