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March 21, 2022

Paranormal Pendulum II: What the Spirits Say

Paranormal Pendulum II: What the Spirits Say

My special guest tonight is Dan Baldwin here to discuss his is second book based on his experiences communicating with spirits using a pendulum. Get his book Paranormal Pendulum II on Amazon.


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Death is the beginning of life. Or, more accurately, is death just the beginning of a richer, fuller and more fulfilling life? Is what we label death just a precursor to a life that really begins once someone makes the transition from this physical world to – what, where or even when? The what, where, when and even some of the how are answered in the pages of this book. The who you know already and the why is left up to you and your relationship with the Great Mystery. Consider, then, this book a general roadmap to a journey we will all be taking. You have the ability to explore the territory in greater detail yourself. One of the goals of this book is to encourage readers to go deeper into those topics on their own. Pendulum dowsing is just one of many tools available to converse with the spirit realm. Discover what you can of the undiscovered country. And fear not, for when you actually do get there, you’ll see - death is just the beginning of life


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Dan Baldwin Profile Photo

Dan Baldwin

Special Guest

Dan Baldwin is a ghostwriter with more than 50 business books to his credit. He is also a novelist who has six published Westerns, three mysteries, a political/crime-thriller, and two short story collections, and four non-fiction works on the paranormal. Awards for his novels include:
Finalist - National Indie Excellence Award for Caldera III-A Man of Blood and Trapp Canyon.
Finalist - New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for Sparky and the King and Bock's Canyon
Winner - New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for They Are Not Yet Lots - a non-fiction work about psychic detecting.
The paranormal investigative book (with Dwight and Rhonda Hull) Speaking with the Spirits of the Old Southwest -Conversations with Miners, Outlaws, and Pioneers Who Still Roam Ghost Towns will be published by Lewellyn Worldwide in May, 2018

He is an avid hiker, especially in Arizona's Superstition Mountains and the Mogollon Rim country. He "plays at" the Native American flute and the kalimba.