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Aug. 8, 2022

Inside The World of Corporate Spies

Inside The World of Corporate Spies

Inside The World of Corporate Spies

My special guest tonight is Robert Kerbeck who's here to discuss his book that details how he started down the path of becoming a wealthy corporate spy. Get his book Ruse: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street on Amazon.


“Kerbeck’s juicy memoir tells riveting tales [with] the thrill of a spy novel. . . Kerbeck bares all of his wild business secrets within the world of corporate espionage” —Foreword Reviews

"Robert Kerbeck has mastered the art of social engineering, or what he calls 'rusing', and taken it to a whole new level." —Frank Abagnale, author of Catch Me If You Can

B-list actor, A-list corporate spy

In the world of high finance, multibillion-dollar Wall Street banks greedily guard their secrets. Enter Robert Kerbeck, a working actor who made his real money lying on the phone, charming people into revealing their employers’ most valuable information. In this exhilarating memoir that will appeal to fans of The Wolf of Wall Street and Catch Me If You Can, unsuspecting receptionists, assistants, and bigshot executives all fall victim to “the Ruse.”

After college, Kerbeck rushed to New York to try to make it as an actor. But to support himself, he’d need a survival job, and before he knew it, while his pals were waiting tables, he began his apprenticeship as a corporate spy.

As his acting career started to take off, he found himself hobnobbing with Hollywood luminaries: drinking with Paul Newman, taking J.Lo to a Dodgers game, touring E.R. sets with George Clooney. He even worked with O.J. Simpson the week before he became America’s most notorious double murderer.

Before long, however, his once promising acting career slowed while the corporate espionage business took off. The ruse job was supposed to have been temporary, but Kerbeck became one of the world’s best practitioners of this deceptive—and illegal—trade. His income jumped from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year.

Until the inevitable crash….

Kerbeck shares the lies he told, the celebrities he screwed (and those who screwed him), the cons he ran, and the money he made—and lost—along the way.


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Robert Kerbeck Profile Photo

Robert Kerbeck

Author, RUSE: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street

Robert Kerbeck is the founder of the Malibu Writers Circle, a lifetime member of the Actors Studio, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. His true crime memoir about his secret career as a corporate spy, RUSE: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street, has received praise from Frank Abagnale (Catch Me If You Can), former CIA Agent Valerie Plame (Fair Game), and best-selling author Bradley Hope (Billion Dollar Whale). Shondaland (Creator of Inventing Anna) wrote, “A story almost too good to be true with no shortage of wild stories, Kerbeck winds every detail into an engaging, entertaining memoir,” while the New York Post said, “As a corporate spy, Kerbeck gave Oscar-worthy performances.” Celebrities who make appearances in RUSE include: JLo, Paul Newman, Yoko Ono, George Clooney, Madonna, OJ Simpson, Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino, and many others. Kerbeck’s previous book Malibu Burning: The Real Story Behind LA’s Most Devastating Wildfire, won a 2021 SoCal Journalism Award, the 2020 IPPY Award, the 2020 Readers Favorite Award, and the 2020 Best of LA Award. His writing has appeared in numerous publications including the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Magazine, and Lithub’s Crime Reads.