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Brian Godawa

Author and Screenwriter

Brian Godawa is an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter (To End All Wars), a controversial movie and culture blogger (, an internationally known teacher on faith, worldviews and storytelling (Hollywood Worldviews), an Amazon best-selling author of Biblical fiction (Chronicles of the Nephilim), and provocative theology (God Against the gods). His obsession with God, movies and worldviews, results in theological storytelling that blows your mind while inspiring your soul. And that’s not fiction.

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End Times Prophecy - It's Not What They Told You

Oct. 15, 2021

Tonight, my special guest is author and screenwriter Brian Godawa who's here to discuss how the events described in the End Times Prophecy are mostly misinterpreted. Get his book End Time Bible Prophecy: It's Not What They T…

Guest: Brian Godawa