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Oct. 20, 2021

Guardians of The Dead

Guardians of The Dead

My special guest is author and researcher Philip Kinsella who's here to discuss his book Guardians of The Dead that you can get now on Amazon.

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Is there an afterlife? Are such things as Angels and Spirit Guides real? Does God exist? Medium, Philip Kinsella takes the reader on a personal, psychic journey of discovery, revealing that there does indeed appear to be hidden forces assisting mankind in all areas of life. He also demonstrates how communication can be achieved through a variety of means and reveals how consciousness works. The human brain is the conduit which allows such alternate realms of awareness into this third-dimensional matrix we call Earth. Consciousness is the real essence of what we represent on a spiritual nature of reality, and not the flesh-and-blood we occupy. Death, he hypothesises, is not the end, but a process whereby our souls are liberated beyond all the known laws of creation. Angels and Spirit Guides are here to remind us of our inherent greatness; that we are more than we could ever dream. ‘Guardians of the Dead’ also takes into consideration reincarnation and the soul’s ability in recalling past-lives. This warm and honest book reveals the author’s struggles in ascertaining a truth that has been hidden from us – that we ALL survive death!

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