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April 22, 2022

Diary of a Deputy Coroner

Diary of a Deputy Coroner

My special guest is Donna Francart who's here to discuss her shocking experiences as a Deputy Coroner and the spirits that started to appear in her home. Get her book I've Seen Dead People: Diary of a Deputy Coroner on Amazon right now.



Step inside the mind of Donna Francart, a former Deputy Coroner, as she describes to you her years of Medicolegal Death Investigations. What began as her personal diary written to herself, her way of Debriefing, began to form a heartbeat of it’s own.

She has allowed her inner most thoughts to be shared, with you, Of the fears, tears, and anger she battled with, along the way and the profound lessons she learned, not only from the dead but also from the living.


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Donna FrancartProfile Photo

Donna Francart

Author/Former Deputy Coroner

Donna Francart-Author of I'VE SEEN DEAD PEOPLE-Diary of a Deputy Coroner
Former Deputy Coroner for almost nine years
She’s a voice for the voiceless. An essence of calm amid turbulence. And often, a shepherd for lost souls. She’s Donna Francart, a former deputy coroner whose new book, I’ve Seen
Dead People, lays bare the finality of death in all its forms and gives readers a rare look inside the complex emotional, physical and mental ups and downs of a job often cloaked in darkness.