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May 3, 2022

Couples That Kill

Couples That Kill

Special guest Mitzi Szereto joins me to discuss her new book based on true crimes committed by couples. Get her book on Amazon.

A true crime anthology exploring the dangerous side of romance—with couples who bonded over murder, mayhem and more.


What brings criminal couples together? And what drives them apart? This volume of The Best New True Crime Stories attempts to answer these questions with a deep dive into true tales of lawless love. Everyone’s heard of Bonnie and Clyde, but the annals of crime history are full of dysfunctional duos whose deadly escapades are equally enthralling.


Featuring contributions from an international list of award-winning crime writers, journalists, and experts in the dark crimes field, The Best New True Crime Stories: Partners in Crime is a must-read for any true crime afficionado. Because when love goes wrong, there’s never a dull moment.


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Mitzi SzeretoProfile Photo

Mitzi Szereto


Mitzi Szereto is an author and anthology editor whose books encompass multiple genres, ranging from her popular true crime franchise The Best New True Crime Stories, to crime fiction, gothic fiction, horror, cozy mystery, satire, sci-fi/fantasy, and erotic fiction. Her novels, anthologies, and short stories have been translated into several languages. She has the added distinction of being the editor of the first anthology of erotic fiction to include a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Mitzi has appeared internationally on radio and television and at major literature festivals, and has taught creative writing around the world, including several universities in the United Kingdom. In addition to producing and presenting the London-based web TV channel Mitzi TV, she portrays herself in the pseudo-documentary British film, Lint: The Movie. Her (oft-neglected) blog of personal essays can be found at Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog.