Sept. 18, 2020

Blue Star Prophecy

Blue Star Prophecy

My special guest tonight is author and psychic channeler Craig Lefebvre who's here to share the coming of a new age for humanity that's been signaled by the "Blue Star".
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During this time of great change and uncertainty, many have been signaled to start their journey and have begun to question things. Are you looking for a sign? The sign that signifies the coming of a great new age, is the Blue Star. Many religions and cultures from around the world have foretold of great changes coming for humanity. Starting now with A “Blue Star Prophecy,” you’ll take a deep dive into the thoughts and messages channeled by author Craig Lefebvre. In these messages, you’ll discover new truths about who you are and how all of us are universally connected as One. It is now the age of a New Earth for humanity. Welcome to the awakening!

Craig Lefebvre Profile Photo

Craig Lefebvre

Special Guest

Craig Lefebvre, is a Connecticut based indy-author and poet, as well as an energy healer with over 17 years of combined experience using both hands on healing and Energy Medicine techniques. He is also a psychic channeler and contactee who brings messages about the spiritual concept of ONE. Craig's first book titled The Vessel of One, brings the messages of ONE from the Angels, ET's and Ancestors.