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March 29, 2021

A Life With UFO's

A Life With UFO's

Ray Groschen joins me tonight to discuss his book 'A Life With UFO's: An Incredible True Story'.

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The sensational true story of one person who has had 20 UFO sightings! More than most people on Earth. The remarkable tale follows Ray Groschen, no matter where he lived or with whom, the UFOs followed.
Below is what's included in this fantastic true story:
The author has had 20 incredible UFO sightings over 45 years.
He has seen 74 total UFO ships of various designs such as:

  • 16 dull silver UFO ships flying in V formation over authors house
  • 1 Black triangular UFO above neighbors’ roof
  • A silver bell-shaped UFO hovering above a 7-11
  • 2 UFOs hovering above the author and his son while fishing
  • 2 Enormous Fireball UFOs witnessed on separate occasions
  • 27 Orb UFOs witnessed by the author and his wife
  • Many star-like UFOs doing U-turns & other unusual movements

And if that wasn’t enough, the author also witnessed a UFO going into a WORMHOLE!

Also, witness accounts explaining what they saw with the author.

Images of all the UFOs and the wormhole the author witnessed.

MUFON reports and the correlating investigator's statements.