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Shane Sirois has been helping families and individuals with Haunts and disruption most of his life. He uses his intelligent scientific side, his advanced understanding and his gifts to diagnose and treat any disturbance in any home. Shane's abilities are not just limited to healing homes......he heals people and lives as well.

"Shane's understanding of the paranormal and how to deal with negative entities is revolutionary. His thinking is unique, his approach spot on, and his results reflect that every time." Quote from author William J. Hall.

"Shane helps people in a way which we have never seen." ​Quote from author and host of "Behind the Paranormal, Paul Eno.

Shane is always available for investigations, appearances and lectures. He is the one they call when other investigators and clergy fall short in providing relief in households and he has succeeded every time.

Paranormal Unexplained

When The Darkness Follows

Jan. 19, 2021

My special guest tonight is Shane Sirois who is a paranormal investigator and says that he has a 100% success rate of removing entities from homes. Visit his website Now you can listen to more from K-Town from our new podcas…

Guest: Shane Sirios