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Richard Lawrence has accumulated a unique breadth of knowledge and experience in all things mind, body and spirit including the area of UFOs. Richard was Lord Kimberley's speech writer during the House of Lords UFO debate in 1979 and was the first to bring declassified CIA and Pentagon UFO Files to Britain in 1980. He launched a successful campaign in the US for release of UFO data from the FAA in 1987, and was the first to reveal Soviet Union UFO papers in Britain in 1990. Richard became the paranormal expert on London News Radio and co-authored Contacts with the Gods from Space with George King in 1996. He has conducted lecture tours all over the world, and has been a keynote speaker at The International Festivals for Mind-Body-Spirit in London for over 20 years. Richard is currently the secretary of the Aetherius Society in Europe.


UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message

May 3, 2022

Special guest returning to the show is Dr. Richard Lawrence here to discuss his book UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message. Spiritual investigator Richard Lawrence looks at the evidence for extraterrestrial contact and attem…

UFO/Alien Modern History Spirituality

Message From Mars Sector 6

Dec. 10, 2020

My special guest tonight is Richard Lawerence who's here to discuss The Nine Freedoms which are a series of Cosmic Transmissions given by a highly advanced extraterrestrial intelligence known as Mars Sector 6. Wanna listen t…

Spirituality UFO/Alien

Channeling Extraterrestrials

Oct. 21, 2020

Tonight, my special guest is Richard Lawerence who's here to discuss the messages he's been able to channel since being taught by the late Dr. George King. Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radi…