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MARK MUNCY is an author of horror and science-fiction. He has spent more than three decades collecting ghostly tales and reports of legendary beasts. He has previously written three books for The History Press including "Creepy Florida," "Eerie Florida," and "Freaky Florida."
He is a frequent guest on Coast-to-Coast AM and Into the Fray Radio. He is a commentator and collaborator on numerous programs including Expedition X, Sasquatch Chronicles, Road Trips with Ripley’s and many more TV and radio shows. He can also be found with his online show “Eerie Travels.”
He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the remains of an ancient shell midden with his wife, Kari Schultz. Occasionally, he is visited by his daughters when they remember he is still there.
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Freaky Florida: Myths, Monster, Massacres and Legends

June 24, 2022

Author Mark Muncy sits down to discuss all the strange and wonderful weirdness throughout the state of Florida. Get his book Freaky Florida: The Wonderhouse, The Devil's Tree, The Shaman of Philippe Park, and More (American …

Guest: Mark Muncy