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Kimberly Palm

Author, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Kimberly Palm is a Spiritual Teacher and Advisor to seekers of the truth on their journey. Kimberly is also the author of the Amazon best selling books, "Ascension 101: A Roadmap for Your Soul" and “The Real Fountain of Youth:”. Kimberly has been spiritually mentoring people since she was a teenager because of her special abilities. Kimberly has studied metaphysics, spirituality, esoterics, world religion, energy healing and holistic health for most of her life. She uses her knowledge and experience as well as her special gifts, including: intuition, clairvoyance, channeling, energy skills, empathic abilities and more, to guide people on their spiritual journey. Kimberly enjoys teaching people how to use their own inner compass and find their own truth.
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Ascension 101: A Guide Book for Your Soul

Oct. 13, 2021

My special guest is author Kimberly Palm who's here to discuss her book Ascension 101: A Roadmap for Your Soul about humanity's current journey into a more loving reality. Enjoy the AD-FREE versions of our latest episodes an…

Guest: Kimberly Palm