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Janet O'Carroll


How it all began.
From a very early age I knew there was something very different about my world.
Being so young I didn’t quite understand why people around me couldn’t see, feel or hear my special friends, so I choose to keep quiet in fear of ridicule.

Growing up.
As I grew in years, spirit drew closer until it became impossible to ignore them.
I decided to take a leap of faith and searched to educate myself to remove any “fear of the unknown” that still lurked in the back of my mind.

As an adult.
It was revealed to me as a adult that I indeed was following in my Great Grandmothers footsteps, my father’s words to me completely out of the blue one day were “your great Nan Nellie used to do what you do now”.
He went on to explain how “spirituality knowing” she was, this explained much more as Nellie and I had a special connection on earth, before she passed when I was a child, however the special connection lives on.

As I opened and explored this wonderful path the deeper my understanding grew, where there became no difference between our worlds.
Complete trust and love in my guides prevailed.

My own spiritual path has prepared me to guide others on theirs, helping to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with our spirit friends and all life.

As I progressed as a psychic medium, giving messages of love and guidance from spirit, I was guided myself by spirit of course to sooth people’s pain be it emotional, mental or physical. So I wandered into the healing fields and couldn’t stop myself from learning more and more……

Present time.
So here I find myself in the present time, guiding, healing and enhancing where I can, enabling beautiful souls to progress and transform their human lives now with the help of my wonderful spirit guides, their unconditional love and energy.


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