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Alyne Pustanio

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Alyne Pustanio is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the fields of paranormal research, the supernatural, and the occult, and is considered an expert in the folklore and haunted history of her hometown of New Orleans. A sixth-generation New Orleanian, Alyne is a descendant of the family of American classical composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, and many of her ancestors were present for some of the most famous (and infamous) events in the haunted history of New Orleans. From the capture of Bras Coupé, the Zombie King, to the breaking of the attic doors amid the flames of the infamous Lalaurie Mansion, many first-hand accounts have been passed down through the generations and inform every one of Alyne's haunting tales.


You Played with The Wrong Entity - Flashback

June 30, 2020

Tonight, we give you a flashback from our archives! My special guest is Alyne Pustanio who joins me from the most haunted city in the world to discuss entities. Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy "Ad- Free" edition…