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Feb. 27, 2023

When Terrifying Memories Are Recovered - A Shocking Interview

When Terrifying Memories Are Recovered - A Shocking Interview

My special guest sits down to discuss recovered memories that are jaw dropping and terrifying! She says it all came about with the help of her own parents and members of her community taking part in things straight out of a horror movie for years on end. Request Access To Our Private Community To Listen 

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Lisa MeisterProfile Photo

Lisa Meister

Christian, Author, Speaker, SRA Survivor

Lisa Meister is a child survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. She was born into a family that operated in secret cult societies. Her family hid in the church. As Lisa grew up with the horror of rituals she also saw the saving power of Jesus and fell in love with the Bible. It gave her what she needed to hold on in the terror of her life. All memories were repressed until she was 29, where intrusive flashbacks left her horrified by what she was seeing. Lisa had to have answers, so she went back to the town where she grew up and found out her parents were part of a cult. Lisa found enough validation to realize she was a survivor of SRA and spent the next 20 years healing. In 2017 she published her memoir, "Only God Rescued Me: My Journey From Satanic Ritual Abuse," and has works on exposing SRA through her podcast, which has the same name as her memoir. Her vision is exposing SRA one story at a time, giving survivors a platform to share their story and to bring on ministers to talk about inner healing and deliverance. Satanic Ritual Abuse is the most heinous abuse in the world, but there is healing, and Lisa's life shows that.