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April 18, 2022

The Safety Trap: A Security Expert's Secrets for Staying Safe in a Dangerous World

The Safety Trap: A Security Expert's Secrets for Staying Safe in a Dangerous World

My special guest is author and security expert Spencer Coursen here to discuss why we must take responsibility for our own personal safety. Get his book Safety Trap: A Security Expert's Secrets for Staying Safe in a Dangerous World on Amazon.

Threat management expert Spencer Coursen offers proactive strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of hostile encounters and emergency situations in The Safety Trap: A Security Expert’s Secrets for Staying Safe in a Dangerous World

Despite what the news and social media would have you believe, we have never lived in a safer time than we are now. Unfortunately, we live under a false sense of security enforced by authorities that only alleviates fears without reducing risk. We have placed our personal safety, and our responsibilities of guarding it, into the hands of people trained only to respond to crises, not actively prevent them. Our blind faith in institutions to protect us has only dulled our natural survival instincts. 

The truth is that when we feel safest is actually when we are in the most danger. This is the paradox of The Safety Trap

When you don’t expect danger, you simply fail to see the signs that something bad is about to happen. But the signs are always there, and staying safe is about training yourself to see them. In easy-to-implement methods of maintaining vigilance, assessing risk, and taking preventative measures, you’ll discover how to be alert without anxiety and know how to best protect and defend yourself on the job, in school, in public places, at home, and online.   

With Coursen’s simple formula of Awareness + Preparation = Safety as your guide - as well as real world examples of managing threats - you will learn how to develop the skills and confidence to reclaim your own security and avoid The Safety Trap


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Spencer Coursen Profile Photo

Spencer Coursen

Threat Management Expert

SPENCER COURSEN is a nationally recognized threat management expert, founder of Coursen Security Group, and author of the best selling book, "The Safety Trap: A security expert’s secrets for staying safe in a dangerous world.”(St. Martin’s Press, 2021) Drawing from his global experience as a combat veteran, supervisory special agent, and private security specialist, Coursen has an exceptional track record of success in the assessment, management, and resolution of threats. His subject matter expertise has established him as the go-to solution for organizations, public figures, and private families managing their return to normalcy after a breach of safety. Mr. Coursen and his firm also specialize in crisis management, threat assessment, conflict resolution, employee termination, physical security assessment, expert witness testimony, policy authorship, protective intelligence, and vulnerability reduction.