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Sept. 28, 2020

The Lost Boys of Hannibal

The Lost Boys of Hannibal

My special guest tonight is author John Wingate who's here to discuss one fo the most baffling disappearances in Missouri History.


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In 1967, the largest cave search in US history unfolded in historic Hannibal, Missouri, the boyhood home of author Mark Twain. Three modern day Tom Sawyers, with no caving expertise but an abundance of bravado, made Hannibal ground zero for a terrifying calamity that would leave its traumatic mark for half a century. Joel Hoag, his brother Billy, and their friend Craig Dowell vanished after exploring a vast and complex maze cave system that had been exposed by highway construction. Fifty years later, their fate remains the ultimate unsolved mystery.

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John WingateProfile Photo

John Wingate

Special Guest

John Wingate is a Minneapolis-based author, writer, and communications consultant. A former consumer reporter for KSTP-TV, he spent twenty years as a broadcast journalist in Illinois and Minnesota, a career path that captured his interest at age thirteen during the calamitous 1967 cave search for three missing boys in Hannibal, Missouri.

He has garnered nearly twenty awards for writing and reporting excellence, including three national TELLY Awards for screenwriting and video production.

John was born in Hannibal, Missouri where he spent his early childhood years.