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Jan. 14, 2021

The Bell Witch - Part 2

The Bell Witch - Part 2

Part two of my interview with  special guest tonight is author and researcher Pat Fitzhugh here to talk about the infamous true haunting of The Bell Witch. Get his book.

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From the image of a lifeless body hanging from a tree to the relentless torture of a rural Tennessee family, all-powerful Kate was the personification of evil. She tortured children, sang hymns, cursed like a sailor, and predicted the future. Kate's missions were to break off Elizabeth Bell's engagement and kill her father, John Bell. She accomplished both. Even today, almost 200 years later, people still report mysterious happenings in the area. After more than two decades of exhaustive research, Bell Witch researcher Pat Fitzhugh for the first time shares everything. This 406-page literary work includes not only the epic tale of terror, but pictures of the area, footnotes that document the author's sources, thought-provoking discussion notes, appendices, an index, and detailed biographical sketches of those who figured into the legend. Pleasant dreams.

Pat FitzhughProfile Photo

Pat Fitzhugh

Special Guest

Pat Fitzhugh was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and split his childhood between Humphreys County, Tennessee, and Nashville's "west side," where he attended David Lipscomb Elementary and Middle School and Hillwood High School. He became interested in ghost stories early on, and was seriously researching the paranormal by age 13. His early influences included the local horror show, "Creature Feature," and a host of old, late-night British ghost movies. At age 14, he became interested in Tennessee's "Bell Witch" legend, the first of many cases he would go on to research. In his adult life, Fitzhugh has researched and explored haunted locations all across America, and he conducts more than thirty paranormal investigations each yea