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Truth is available only to those who have the courage to question whatever they have been taught.



Just found this about a month ago!! Can't get enough of it! -Angie Mikulcik

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Some Listener Reviews:

I'm giving you 5 stars easily deserved. Your podcast is the only podcast my husband and I listen to together! -Nancy Rivera

I am totally addicted to this show! Great guests and topics that has me going through websites and you tube to find out more. Love It! Love it! -Cathy Bonanno

Excellent show week after week. Keep up the awesome work K-Town and Co. Big love from Wales!! -Craig Rees

Great show, great interviews. My new favorite podcast to listen to! -Jonathan McCook

New to the podcast, but it keeps me entertained and I enjoy it very much. Also love the varieties of subjects. -Jayson Kiffe


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I can’t remember my password how to I reset it?

Go to the  Click on Login in/Sign Up, click on the blue link that says ‘Forgot My Password’


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Go to the , click Login/Sign Up at the bottom of the page, click the links at the top to choose Archives or Exclusives


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No, you must listen to archives and exclusives from the website.


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You can stream archives and exclusives as much as you want but you can't download them.


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Our team will contact you after you have been a member at least 60 days and set up a time that’s convenient for your 10-minute one-on-one with them by phone.


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We will contact members that have kept their VIP Membership for no less than 6 months without canceling to get their contact information for delivery. VIP members outside of the United States must pay for shipping.


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You certainly can! Just send us an email to and we will send you a link to complete your purchase and get your access.


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If you cancel your membership yourself you will immediately lose access to your account. The best thing to do is send an email to We will cancel it at the end of your billing cycle.


I still have questions who do I contact?

No problem! Send us an email with your questions or concerns to and we will do everything we can to help you!!