Mysterious Radio

Must give credit where credit is due.... This is now my favorite podcast.

I started listening to Mysterious Radio around 2017ish after I began searching for more knowledge on the paranormal as I've been an experiencer since a child. At that time Mysterious Radio was one of the padcast in my weekly listening routine. And at that time I did not care for K-Towns interviewing style and her approach to extracting the facts from certain types of guests. I also thought her to be a bit harsh when it came to certain opinions or view points. However I have witnessed by hearing, K-Town has grown exponentially as an interviewer, a podcaster, and her guests are intelligent people that have done the research and dig deeper (past the woo-woo) and have developed some amazing theories and insight into the things people don't have the eyes to see or the ability to discern the physical from the spiritual. So having said that K-Town and Mysterious Radio is now my most favorite podcast. I listen to it almost daily and get super pumped when a new episode is released. Thank you K-Town for your great personality, sense of humor, and continuing to get better and better.


Jan. 6, 2022 by yetieddie5 on Apple Podcasts

Mysterious Radio