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K-Town has consistently fascinating subject matter AND is a phenomenal person.

FAVORITE PODCAST EVER. K-Town, THANK YOU for not caving in to the bizarre recent pressure to self censor on several topics. It is seriously courageous for you to use your platform to speak the truth about politicization of the corona virus. The silent majority secretly agrees and feel they can’t say so out loud, but there are a select few that will attack you loudly for challenging their indoctrination - stay strong! Other podcasts are tripping all over themselves in order to spout the appropriate talking points and “wokeness”, which is frankly disgusting when the talking points clearly are nonsensical. They have no ethics, but you do.

Thanks to Mysterious Radio- Just within the past WEEK, I learned about:
-The occult’s stranglehold on the music industry with actual insight into the long misunderstood and dismissed “Paul is Dead” rumor?! WHOA.
-How much more is alleged to be behind the OKC bombing than what we were told
-Individual testimony of relationships with ETs and astral travel
-Closely followed by another guest who makes a compelling (and quite horrifying) case that ETs are most likely DEMONS here to deceive us! My head is going to explode, in the best possible way.

Sept. 11, 2020 by MeganLH4041 on Apple Podcasts

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