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June 9, 2021

Part Two - The Devil's Doing : A Real Case of Possession

Part Two - The Devil's Doing : A Real Case of Possession

Tonight, we continue with part-two about a truly frighting case of demonic possession with my special guest author William Dorian. William is a college professor who shares details of his days playing with an Ouija Board until it opened the door to demons who came to claim his daughters soul. Get his book The Holy Water Incident on Amazon.


William Dorian and his daughter Brittany learned the hard way that demonic possession is very real. This captivating book tells the shocking story of Brittany's possession that began at age fifteen, recounting the overwhelming trauma that evil entities can wreak on a family's quiet life. The Holy Water Incident reveals the heartache, frustration, and sheer terror that results when the family receives a cold shoulder from the local religious authorities and when the medical establishment's only solution is confinement in a psychiatric unit. With little help from ministers or doctors, Brittany and her father desperately seek allies in a grueling spiritual battle that forever alters the lives of all who are involved.

Beginning with an innocent session with a spirit communication board and building in intensity to the point where multiple demons take hold of an innocent teenager's life, this story shines a light on the traumatic wounds a possession can inflict ... and the extreme measures a family will take to save their daughter from evil entities that are hell-bent on chaos and destruction.

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