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March 8, 2023

Part One - New Orleans: Hauntings and The City of Voodoo

Part One - New Orleans: Hauntings and The City of Voodoo

Tonight, my special guest is author Alyne Pustanio who's one of the most knowledgeable paranormal investigators I've ever had on the show. We discuss the history of one of the most haunted city's in the world...New Orleans. Get her book.

Paranormal exploration can be educational, rewarding, and yes, even dramatic and “fun.” But there is a tremendous amount of real danger associated with research into this particular field – one in which both the body and spirit can be put at risk. These dangers are part of a vast supernatural reality with its own natural laws – a reality that paranormal researchers encounter every time they set out to explore the unknown. Demons, angels, devils and inhuman beings, shadow entities and the discontented dead – here is a book that will prepare the paranormal researcher for close encounters with all the inhabitants of that “outlaw country” – the realm of the supernatural. Author, Occultist, and Paranormalist Alyne Pustanio makes the case for proving that paranormal encounters with a supernatural reality are continuously occurring in the world around us, and why the path to understanding the nature of these encounters must lead through the vast traditions and teachings of the occult.


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