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Truth is available only to those who have the courage to question whatever they have been taught.

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Studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies for three years in London from 1975.
Consultant Astrologer throughout seventies/eighties to media and celebrity clients
In 2000, I acquired the prestigious Diploma in Psychological Astrology - an in-depth 3-year professional training programme which cross-fertilizes the fields of astrology and depth, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, run by Liz Greene.

My' have beens' - astrologer for Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK), Prima Magazine, SHE magazine and Spirit & Destiny Magazine . Astrologer for the London Evening Standard daily newspaper for three years.

Have appeared on many UK radio shows and day-time TV programmes

My 'right nows' - I'm a regular astrologer on Steve Wright's Afternoon Show on BBC Radio 2.
I am one of the founders of and still contribute to the site.
I teach and practice tarot and astrology in the UK and the south of France, and spend a lot of time writing books and painting in gouache.

My special guest is author Sarah Bartlett joining me from France to discuss the book she wrote for National Geographic about Supernatural Places all over the world.


Reed Summers is the son of Marshall Vian Summers, who is the prophet and messenger for a divine Revelation regarding humanity's emergence into a Universe of intelligent life and the hidden reality of contact taking place in the world today.


For over 12 years, Reed has been working with Marshall as a teacher and representative for this divine revelation and for the Allies of Humanity Briefings, a revolutionary set of texts which reveal the secret agenda of those ET forces present in our world and provide a clear picture of what these forces are, why they are here and what they are doing at this critical time on Earth.

My special guest tonight is Reed Summers who shares his father's message of divine contact with beings warning us of an alien presence and what's to come.


The Las Vegas Shooting

My special guest tonight Dr. James Fetzer has published over 100 articles and 20 books on philosophy of science and philosophy of cognitive science, especially of artificial intelligence and computer science. His analysis of what really happened in Las Vegas will have you in utter dismay!

Hollow Moon, UFO's & Disappearances

During this special Edition for Elite Members I invited author Rob Shelsky to discuss his fascinating research into the Hollow Moon Theory, UFO's and disappearances from around the world. What he says will blow your mind!

Paul McCartney Is Dead

My special guest tonight discusses the astonishing details of how the real Paul McCartney was replaced years ago by a man named Billy Shears as chronicled in the book Memoirs of Billy Shears.

The Exorcism of Latoya Ammons

Special guest tonight discusses the exorcism he perform for a family in Gary, Indiana that sparked world wide media attention.

Secret Space Program

Our special guest was the only person to ever interview Naval Captain Mark Richards who claims he was personally involved and has traveled in deep space.

You Played With The Wrong Entity

This one is GOOD!! I bring Alyne Paustanio back on the show to discuss more of the supernatural. We discuss Ouija boards, possessions and the most famous haunting in America History.

Ghost Lights & Vanishing Into Thin Air

Another fantastic show for you with Joshua P. Warren to discuss his vast knowledge of the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights, paranormal activity, UFO'S and the shocking story of what happened to a family member!

Super Secret Underground Bases

We have Special Guest Dr. Richard Sauder who has complied an impressive archive or top secret U.S. Military underground bases. Also, he shares with us many different types of ET's that are said to be there working with the military. He also names one that we have never heard about

The Shocking Truth Hollow Earth

My special guest Jim Whilhelmsen joins be to discuss what may be inside our planet that the Nazi's found first!

Alien Encounters & Multi-Dimensional Time Traveler

Special guest Jason Quitt joins us to discuss his time travel experiences that started shortly after his out of body experiences as a child. He also fills us in on the different alien encounters he has had along with past civilizations he witnessed first hand.

This is our very first show! We explore the biggest lie mankind has ever been lead to believe. We have an in-depth discussion with Mark Sargent about what he has found to be undeniable clues that we really live on a Flat Earth. He also discusses why this Secret that is more important than money must NEVER get out.