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Kathleen Marden
Denise Stoner

My special guests tonight are renown UFO researchers and authors Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner. They shed light on a little known phenomenon of paranormal activity that occurs after being in close proximity to UFO's or being adducted by aliens.

Rebecca Pittman.png

I was raised in a rather unusual environment.  My mother owned a successful modeling agency in Salt Lake City.  I was on a runway by the time I was 5, teaching modeling by age 16, and helping women find confidence and a core of self-worth, by my early 20's.  The fashion industry also gave me a background in creating special events. 

   I have made my living as a professional muralist, motivational speaker, TV Talk Show Host, and author.  I majored in journalism and art in college, and find joy, in creating, using both brush and keyboard.

   Writing about historic places with paranormal activity is a passion of mine.  Their history is fascinating...what I call the "bones" of the place.  From there you begin to understand the hauntings that typically list the places I write about in the top 10 most-haunted venues in the world.  I research them extensively, spend the nights in their shadowed bedrooms, and interview the owners, staff, and customers to create the most comprehensive book I can.  I was featured on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory for a 2-hour interview with 3 million people listening in.  What a thrill!

    My other books deal with creating businesses in the creative arts, how to have a life of abundance through confidence, and understanding what makes relationships work, and of course, fiction in the mystery/supernatural genre.

     I am a proud mother of four amazing sons, a step-mom to 3 more sons and a long-awaited daughter, and a grandmother to 11 enthusiastic grandchildren. I am married and living in the beautiful foothills of the Colorado Rockies, where I indulge my love of boating, golf and adventure.

My special guest author Rebecca Pittman joins me to discuss the infamous murders thought to be committed by Lizzie Borden in 1892.

Paul Gambino.png

Paul’s first book, SCRAP CITY: SCRAPBOOKING FOR SUBURBAN DIVAS AND SMALL TOWN REBELS (SOHO Publishing, 2006), was a semi-finalist for the Independent Publisher Book award in the Hobby/Crafts category and was touted as giving the craft of scrapbooking a youthful, cutting-edge makeover.
Paul has been an avid collector of the bizarre for over 20-years with an extensive collection of Victorian memorial photographs, antique funeria, mug shots and vintage religious items (including a life sized St. Sebastian and Virgin Mary salvaged from a 19th century church in Pennsylvania). The past two decades of serious collecting has allowed Paul to gain the trust of some of the world’s largest macabre collectors. These relationships have allowed Paul to have his second book published, MORBID CURIOSITIES: COLLECTIONS OF THE UNCOMMON AND THE BIZARRE. Amazon sums the book up like this; Morbid Curiosities is an insight into the strange world of collectors of the macabre. Centered on 18 collections, with extensive interviews with each collector and specially shot imagery detailing their objects, this is a fascinating showcase of bizarre and intriguing objects.
Included are collections of skulls, mummified body parts, occult objects, and various carnival, sideshow and criminal ephemera. Detailed captions tell the curious stories behind each object, many of which are being shown outside the private world of their collections for the first time. 
Included are collections of skulls, mummified body parts, occult objects, and various carnival, side-show and criminal ephemera. Detailed captions tell the curious stories behind each object, many of which are being shown outside the private world of their collections for the first time.

My special guest tonight is author Paul Gambino who details the private collections of the most bizarre items one could ever imagine.

Linda S. Godfrey is America's foremost authority on modern-day werewolves. She is the author of over a dozen books on werewolves, hauntings, and the paranormal, including Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America and Weird Michigan. Linda has appeared on Inside Edition and the History Channel's Monster Quest.

My special guest renown researcher Linda Godfrey joins me to discuss her new book Monsters Among Us where she explores the truly strange an unusual reports of the world most infamous crypts.

Jurgen Ziese.png

Ziewe trained as an artist at The Hamburg Academy of Art.[1][2] He moved to England in 1975 and worked as a designer at multiple agencies.[1] He also produced abstract paintings. Ziewe now produces computer art, employing fractal elements.[1] His influences include the archetypes of Carl Jung, and his work has featured on fantasy posters, greeting cards, and science fiction book covers for authors including Vernor Vinge and Peter F. Hamilton.[2] In 1997 a book showcasing his work, entitled New Territories, was published.[1][3]

Ziewe sees dream-like states as being another form of reality.[2] By his own account, he has since 1975 had out-of-body experiences and interactions with interdimensional beings in other dimensions of existence, accessed via meditation and lucid dreaming.[4]

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My special guest Jurgen Ziewe joins me to discuss his incredible OBE experiences. He shares meeting different people including aliens and describes the place where we all go after this life.


Terral Croft

Terral Croft is the lead researcher for the Project Black Star Investigation now in the seventh year. He has identified key patterns in the seismic patterns and magnetic North Pole migration patterns pointing to a gravitational/magnetic anomaly moving through the inner solar system best characterized as the collapsed/invisible remnant remains of our Sun’s binary twin that went supernova millions of years ago. He has invested the last six years running the Project Black Star Investigation tracking the Black Star through the Leo and Virgo and now into the center of the Libra Constellation using a unique method that combines a combination of earth change and magnetic North Pole migration patterns. Right now his goal is to help as many people wake up concerning the need to prepare for what is coming from space.

My special guest tonight Terral Croft joins me to discuss what he says really happened on 9/11 and those that were responsible. 

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Harald Kautz Vella

Harald Kautz is vintage firehorse (chinese zodiac sign), a generation which Chinese emperors used to wipe out by sword directly after birth for political survival. However, instead of going into politics, he started a scientific "career" involving geology, physics, math, media management and mass psychology, becoming one of the few surviving polymaths in our rationalized world. In 2012, he entered public awareness with some staggering scientific analysis of the chemtrail-related fallout, identifying three generations of transhumanistic technologies meant to assimilate our nervous system, our consciousness (aka DNA light communication) and the piezo-electricity-based system responsible for nonlocal interaction, i.e. the part of our body that give us the gift of empathy and connects us to the collective morphogenesis. From there, he got involved into medicine, trying to fix the damage done, most of it mistaken as old age and life style disease. Apart from the hardcore-scientific approach, he managed to connect the dots to the earliest mythologies, placing our modern drama within the frame of the biblical explusion from paradise, that according to his research marks the beginning of the transhumanistic experiment that today aims at transforming our species into an sociopathic army of bio-robots. Unlike others, he manages to unite spirituality and science without losing himself in contradictions. His main contributions in this context are the scientific understanding of black goo, the function of the arcs of the covenant, and the bio-physics behind the black magic traditions.

Special guest returning to the show is Harald Kautz Vella to discuss the most shocking event occurring on the planet. The topic is Transhumanism and how black magic is at the root of all of it using methods to turn us into human cyborgs.

Sophia Love

Sophia was born on Long Island, NY, USA & is now in Chicago, IL, USA. Home-schooling & raising her children did not quite prepare her for what was to come next; talking to non-terrestrial beings and a Guardian for the Planet. This has been going on since 2012.

She is an educator. Her work focuses on sovereignty, unconditional love, oneness, ascension and non-terrestrial beings. Her conversations with these beings are shared in her newsletters and books. The Guardian is her first book. Inclusion, her second work, is now available. 

My special guest is author Sophia Love to discuss her astonishing telepathic communication with ET's for years. These conversations where written down and published in two books thus far. The books are a MUST READ!!!