The New Energetic Centers of the World Part III

(Originally published on April 23, 2012 at "The Shift Has Hit the Fan")

5) Iceland

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Iceland literally straddles two continental plates and sits atop the mid-Atlantic Rift. This gives this island an unusual amount of energy coming straight from the center of the Earth, in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and the like. (Did you know that the old Vikings in order to fool people named Greenland as Greenland and Iceland as Iceland when in fact Iceland is actually very green and Greenland is nothing but ice, rock and water? Gotta hand it to them…)

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But what really makes a place at the end of the day are the people and Icelanders are a high-frequency group, probably no doubt because of the amount of raw, clean earth energy they are exposed to. Practically everyone here believes in the invisible world and show due respect, that might explain why despite the amount of “destructive” natural forces here, people here seem very level-headed and take everything in stride. Iceland, like most of Scandinavia is also one of the most socially progressive countries on Earth. The world’s oldest university and parliament, many women in leadership positions and a highly educated and literate country which produces 100 000 new titles per year for a population of only 317 000,  this country of staggering natural beauty and very little bloodshed in it’s history has something to teach everyone.



6) Altai and Ural Mountains – Russia

The beloved mystic, Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia was destined to be the most spiritual country on Earth and I have no reason to doubt it. While Western scientists continue to mock subjects like ESP and telepathy, the Russian and former Soviet scientists were always open to the possibility of researching these topics in a scientific fashion and continue to do so. The success of the “Ringing Cedars” books by Vladimir Megre (now 9 books in total) and the Anastasia movement all over the world, whether you believe in them or not, only shows how truly hungry the world still is for guidance in living with harmony with nature, based on the teachings of Anastasia.

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Furthermore, Russia has always had a strong tradition of mystics like Nicholas Roerich, and the Russian Orthodox Church were among those to establish the teachings of  Sophiology, the study of Sophia, as in Mother Sophia, Wisdom, the feminine side to the Holy Spirit as written about in the works of  Vladimir SolovyovPavel Florensky,Nikolai Berdyaev, and Sergei Bulgakov whose book Sophia: The Wisdom of God is in many ways the apotheosis of Sophiology. With shamans in Siberia, all the way to Mongolia, a shared and sacred friendship with India, a strong belief in Shambala and a resurgence in spiritual groups and renewed interest in the spiritual history and heritage of pagan Russia, more and more European new thinkers, clairvoyants and Truthers are moving to these areas in rural Russia.

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