The History & Haunting of Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion is a historical house in Benton Park, St. Louis, Missouri. This beautiful house is more than just that, it is also the sight of four suicides by those in the Lemp family after the death of one of the son's Frederick Lemp and is said to be haunted. 

The family came into their wealth because their company,  Lemp Brewing Co. dominated the St. Louis beer market prior to prohibition.

Lemp Mansion Today  Photo Credit

Lemp Mansion Today Photo Credit

Their family originally arrived from Germany in 1838 and became America's first Lager Beer Brewers. This type of brewery became wildly successful and the natural cave system in St. Louis provided the perfect temperature for aging beer. As the demand for the product grew, so did the brewery. What started as a modest business grew to encompass five city blocks.

Lamp beer was the largest brewery in  the city by far and held this position until prohibition. Prohibition wasn't the only set back for this wealthy family. The heir to the dynasty and favorite son of William, Frederick Lemp, died of mysterious circumstances. 

After which, the father, William, shot himself in the head in the bedroom just three years after Fredericks' death. This terrible situation left William j. Lemp Jr. as the head of the company.

The Lemp's were not without tragedy following their father's death. The plant had to close permanently during prohibition since the company was legally not allowed to sell any products. This might have been what caused the second suicide, the death of William Jr.'s sister, Elsa. She was, even at the time of her death, considered the wealthiest heirs in St. Louis.

Following this, the brewery, now a staggering 10 city blocks, was sold at auction for a measly percentage of its worth. The devastating sale of the business led to the third suicide in the family, of William Jr. He shot himself in the same building where his father had killed himself eighteen years earlier.

Tragedy stuck the family once again when William Jr.'s brother, Charles, committed the forth suicide and shot himself in the head years later, in the same house his brother and father killed themselves in.

The mansion is said to be one of the ten most haunted places in America, and after finding out the details of what occurred here, you can understand why. The thirty-three room mansion has a tunnel which connects the house to the brewery. After it was a brewery, it was turned into a boarding house which is where the tales of hauntings are said to have begun.


Residents would report phantom footsteps and knocks when no one was around. These stories kept other residents from signing on and the mansion was later turned into a restaurant and Inn when purchased by Dick Pointer and his family.

Those working on the renovations would tell stories of apparitions, weird noises, tools mysteriously vanishing, and feelings of being watched. So much so that many workers would leave the site and never return to finish the job.

Eventually the project was finished and the employees of the restaurants experience similar hauntings. Glasses have been known to fly off shelves and doors have been reported as being able to lock and unlock by themselves.

Nowadays, the mansion is used for historical and haunted tours as well as murder mystery dinner parties. Find out more about the mansion and its hauntings here and listen to the podcast for even more information.

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