Communication with Off-Wordly Beings

Alien Communication

Communicate is key. Imagine being able to communicate with off-worldly beings. For some people, that is the case. These beings include animals, extra-terristrals, guides, and angels. Telepathy and inter-dimensional communication is based on feelings. It is said that the reason most cannot communicate in this way is that they are not in touch with their feelings.

For example, it is said that one way to communicate with aliens via telepathy is through meditation. Doing so requiring controlled breathe with increases higher frequencies of energy. Also, being healthy and believing in this possibility fully is how one can achieve this for themselves.

All beings in creation are connected. You and I have shared experiences and are branches of a single tree. Not everyone you are speaking to are branches from this same tree however.

This weeks podcast features Sophia Love, a telepathic empath who has been contacted by several off-world beings since 2012.  Her book, Inclusion, goes into detail about her experainces. Comment below your thoughts and don't forget to share with a friend!


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