True Crime: Thunder Over the Prairie

The Wild West was just that: Wild. It had a culture of violence, disease, and outlaws. Although it has been speculated that the Wild West wasn't as crazy as modern movies today have made it seem, adults living in the Wild West had 1 in 61 chance of getting murdered. 

Dora Hand

One notable murder during this time was that of Dora Hand. Dora lived in Dodge City and was a good girl by day, and a bad girl by might. One biographer described her as the following:

Saint or sinner, Dora Hand was the most graciously beautiful woman to reach the camp in the heyday of its iniquity. By night she was the Queen of the Fairy Belles, as old Dodge City termed its dance-hall women, entertaining drunken cowhands after all the fashions that her calling demanded. By day, she was the Lady Bountiful of prairie settlement, a demurely clad, generous woman to whom no appeal would go unheeded.

No matter how you look at it, Dora was a captivating woman whose allure had caused up to twelve deaths among men vying for her attention. Ironically this is what led to her own demise. Two men were fighting for her attention, they were James Kelley and James Kenedy. Kenedy rode up to Kelley's house in the dead of night and shot through his window before riding off. His "drive by" shooting was a successful murder, but not of the right person since his intended victim (Kelley) was not home. His bullets had soared past Kelley's bed and through a partition to where his beloved Dora was sleeping.

Dora Hand

Dora Hand

Image the chaos that ensured between the two men after that! In Chris Enss' Book Thunder Over the Prairie, she talk about this insane real life murder. Find out more on this week's podcast and comment below! What you do you about this murder?


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