Change in the Magnetic Grid


Imagine dead birds raining from the sky. Airports having to change their runways. All this because of the magnetic change of the Earth going back to zero. The government would want us to believe that this is a hoax, but is it?

There has been scientific facts to prove that the magnetic field is dropping, and might stop at zero. Scientists believe that this would cause crazy acts of human behavior and that people would begin to savagely kill each other. Many believe that this would end in a nuclear apocalypse.

How would we even know this is happening? Well, it is said we would begin to see colors we didn't know exists and that forms would emerge that we couldn't explain. Touching these items would bring us to the fifth dimension without proper readiness. It seems that if the Earths magnetic field does go to zero, it would greatly change reality as we know it.

This weeks podcast features Bobbee Ensary who is an earth energy reader. She writes a blog which touches on the intersection between comparative spirituality, politics, white magick, spiritual travel, high culture, pop culture. Find out more on this week's podcast!


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