Tragedy at Watsons Mill

Watson's Mill

Watson's Mill

Canada is a beautiful country with much to explore. Beyond its beautiful lakes and scenic views, is a darker form of tourism. Interestingly the nations capital, Ottawa, is known for its many haunted locations. Among them, is Watson's Mill in Manotick.

Watson's Mill a museum and a still operating grist mill where guests can still purchase stone ground flour made on site. While idea of stone ground flour made in 2017 is interesting, even more interesting is the ghost story behind this mill. It is said that it is haunted by Ann Crosby Currier, the wife of Joseph Currier, who was co-owner of the mill. In spring of 1861, just a month and a half after their wedding, tragedy struck. While celebrating the Mill's one-year business anniversary, Ann's crinoline (a structured petticoat) and dress became caught in one of the shafts on the second floor of the Mill and she was flung against a pillar and killed instantly. After the incident, her new husband was distraught and lost interest in the business and sold his shares to his partner.

It is said that some spirits stay earth-bound when the cause of their death was sudden and unexpected, which is most likely the case of why Ann has never moved on. Visitors to this day have spotted her wandering the halls.

Hear more about this haunted location and others in this weeks podcast, with Mark Leslie, author of Creepy Capital: Ghost Stories of Ottawa and the National Capital Region. Comment below if you've ever visited a haunted location and if you had any paranormal experiences while there!


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