Crop Circles

Crop Circles

Crop Circles


Crop circles are formed when a pattern is created by a flattening of a crop, typically wheat. Usually they show up mysteriously overnight and are baffling because of their large size and precision. Skeptics claim that this phenomena is from something natural like a dust devil, or water spout. However, many people believe them to be the work of aliens that are trying to communicate with earthlings similar to the way scientist communicate with dolphins by sending bubbles or whistling. 

It is believed that aliens are behind it because, since the 1970's when crop circles begin to show up frequently, they have grown more complex then a simple circle as their name indicates. In 1996, a crop circle appeared near the already-mysterious Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. The pattern that formed is called a "Julia Set" which is described as a set of complex numbers that do not converge to any limit when a given mapping is repeatedly applied to them. The fact that this complex pattern appeared rules out the option of natural causes as stated above. This could mean that it was humans pulling off a hoax or extraterrestrials.

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Even more peculiar is that this crop circle appeared in under an hour during the day, which would make it considerably difficult for hoaxers. Not to mention there would've been a large amount of potential witnesses that would've been able to see people creating such a thing since Stonehedge is pretty much always crawling with tourists.

Although this crop circle was later chalked up to be a hoax made in the wee hours of the morning, there are several crop circles that still remain a mystery. For example, there were several crop circles that turned up in Argentina that appeared to be made "from radiation" and locals believe to be spots where aliens have touched down.

Others, such as Dr Horace Drew, has said that crop circles could also be humans time-travelling and marking certain places or days. This theory could suggest that the crop circles that are deemed "hoaxes" are in fact not. Rather, that they are made by time-travelers coming to display images of the future for astronomical or human events. Perhaps we should take them as a warning...

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