Life After Suicide

teen suicide

Suicide is a sad and tragic topic. Equally tragic is the death of an adolescent or young adult. The combination of the two is utterly devastating. Unfortunately, many of us have been affected by suicide in some way and are familiar with the aftermath. The devastation of the families and friends, the questioning of "if only..." and the feeling of wanting just one more conversation. 

Occasionally, those left behind after this tragic incident have encounters with their loved ones after they've passed. I read something recently about a man whose Uncle committed suicide by hanging himself in front of a mirror. After that, the family experienced lights turning on and off, and heard knocking and footsteps in the house which they believed to be their loved one who past. The family thought maybe the mirror was a portal and got rid of it.  Much like others affected by suicide, the family had no answers and didn't see this man as a depressed person, leaving them to be quite confused. Especially since the uncle didn't leave a note. That's where Teresa St. Francis comes in.

teen suicide


Teresa is a psychic medium that is able to communicate with the dead and specializes in reaching out to those who committed suicide. She is helpful because she is able to give those left on earth the answers they need and help those who've past. Not only that but she intends to prevent other suicides with her new book What Happens The Day After? Messages From Adolescent Suicides. The book tells the stories of those who've died and the hope is to prevent other similar deaths.

You can hear more from Teresa on this weeks podcast. Have you ever been contacted by a ghost? Comment below.


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