Can We Identify Unidentified Objects?

UFO Sightings

Growing up, we eagerly believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and many other imaginative ideas that we never set eyes on. When we get older, we often take on the jaded mentality of "I'll believe it when I see it." Well, with over 45,000 people that reported UFO sightings last year alone, it's time to start believing.

A UFO, or unidentified flying object can simply mean any object in the sky that is not identifiable as a "known" object. Oftentimes, (when meeting certain criteria) these are believed to be an extraterrestrial aircraft. UFOs are widely believed to be extraterrestrial when they have bright lights, are considered to be much larger than earthly air crafts, sometimes produce sound, and/or have the ability to appear and disappear within seconds. Roughly 10% of the population have reported seeing UFOs with the aforementioned descriptions.


Sign from the "Extraterrestrial Highway" near Area 51

Sign from the "Extraterrestrial Highway" near Area 51

If you've never seen a UFO, it could be you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Certain spots seem to have more sightings than others. If you're even slightly familiar with aliens you'll most likely recognize these places. In the US, the most common places are in the western part of the country. Of course, among the most common places are Area 51, Nevada and Roswell, New Mexico. Area 51 is a highly classified military base and its primary purpose is unknown. In fact, it was only as recent as 2013 that the government openly admitted its existence. It is so highly guarded (and tucked away in the Nevada dessert) that security guards are allowed to use deadly force to any trespassers. Lots of precautions are taken in order to ensure the workers identities are hidden as well. For example if a tourist takes their photo and it is leaked, the guard would be terminated. Employees are flown in daily on an unmarked jet leaving from a private terminal at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. At the very least, I think we can all agree that there's something hidden there that the government doesn't want us to know about. 

 It is widely speculated that Area 51 is being used to develop a classified aircraft, examine alien body parts, and/or analyze recovered UFO's. Recovered UFO's like the one allegedly in the Roswell crash in 1947. During this time, the military reported a "disk" that crash landed. It was later reported that it was simply a weather balloon. However, when I researched the weight of a weather balloon back in 1947, all of the websites said 12 pounds. Not to mention, they truly look like balloons and, while they are carrying instruments, I find it difficult to confuse that object as a "disk" but take that for what its worth. Although reports are unclear about the number of witnesses, perhaps the people who saw it were just seeing something?

Strange cloud formations

Strange cloud formations

Occasionally, it can be easy to pass off one or two people seeing something as just that...seeing something. Others may be convinced the witnesses saw something but not a spaceship or foreign aircraft and they might even be able to convince the witness to question what they themselves saw. But how can you dispute mass sighting where thousands of people reported seeing the same thing in the same place? The Phoenix Lights (link to podcast) incident took place on March 13th, 1997 when thousands of people from Phoenix to Tucson, Arizona reported seeing huge triangles with bright lights in formation (ranging in size from a blimp to several football fields). While the government stated that this was accidental military flares that were set off, many people believe it was proof of extraterrestrials and that the government keeps it from the public to keep order.

These sightings aren't just in the US, there have been many UFO sightings across the world. One notable mass sighting took place in Australia back in 1966. During this incident over 200 school students and their teachers saw a UFO that looked like two saucers, which hovered low over the trees and touched down before quickly speeding off. One witness, Sue Savage, who was 13 years old at the time, was quoted years later as saying "“We were too young to be skeptics — we know what we saw." Another witness, Kevin Hurley, described seeing a flattened, perfectly circular, plot of twisted grass where the witnesses saw the UFO touch down. The next day when they went back to further inspect it, it was roped off and a military officer wouldn't allow them access.

These sightings took place before our society had the technology of a computer that conveniently fits in our pockets. In this age of social media and when we treat our cell phones basically like an extra appendage, it is getting harder and harder to deny the existence of UFO and pass them off as clouds or weather balloons. Not only are witnesses able to provide verbal or written testimony, but they can back up what they saw with high resolution photos. It seems as though the next mass sighting won't be so easy to chalk up to military testing, or clouds.

Perhaps the biggest difference between UFO's and Santa Claus is believing verses knowing. Ask anyone whose seen bright lights and bizarre shapes the sky and they'll confirm at the very least that they know it wasn't a weather balloon. In this weeks Mysterious Radio Podcast, K-Town interviews Mary Joyce, an investigative journalist, about a little-known secret base located in North Carolina and known UFO sightings in NC. People report their testimony about this phenomenon to Mary on her website which you can find here.

Have you ever looked up and seen an unidentified object? Comment below your UFO experience!


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