Betty and Barney Hill's Unplanned Trip

Betty and Barney Hill

Imagine taking a drive with your spouse home from a lovely vacation and pulling over to take your dog out when you see what you believe is a shooting star. As you look closer at it you realize it is a large UFO that has brightly colored lights and its quickly descending straight toward you. It seems like the opening to a science fiction movie, but for Betty & Barney  Hill it was real. The couple experienced several bizarre things after this incident which leads most people to believe they had an alien encounter.

Among these was the physical evidence on both the Hills and their car. The vehicle had two perfect circles on the back that caused a compass needle to swirl and Betty had pink powder on her clothes that laboratories couldn't identify. In fact, this otherworldly substance causes the garment to reduce to a rag.

Another one of the signs of an alien encounter is lost time. We often misplace our keys and sometimes our cell phones but imagine how it would be to misplace time itself. To go on a drive, Like Barney and Betty, that usually takes four hours and have it take seven hours with no memory of the excess hours. It would be like picking a movie on Netflix and then seeing the credits with no recollection of the plot. Describing this to an un-involved party, especially a skeptical, could make you feel confused, judged, or even crazy. 

Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill

You could dispute that the couple corroborated their accounts in order to gain notoriety. However, this cannot be the case. The two did not want this information released. Think about this, the incident occurred in 1961 and no information about it was released until 1965 when a violation of confidentially was disclosed by The Boston Traveller. This occurred much to Betty and Barney's horror. In fact, about two years after the incident took place, Barney ended up taking a three month leave from work due to a physically and mentally debilitating condition that is believed to have been caused from PTSD from the adduction. Personally, I can't imagine taking a leave off of work because of a news story that would't be written for another couple of years. On this week's podcast, Kathleen Marden shares her findings on this adduction and more facts so make sure to listen!

What do you think? Do you believe this was an adduction or could it have been something else, comment below!


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