Modern War of the Worlds

Alien War

The idea of aliens on Earth causing chaos was first made famous by H.G. Wells (the author famous for writing War of the Words). To sum it up quickly, the book turned-radio-show, turned-movie, depicts violent aliens that land on Earth, leaving humans ultimately defenseless. I think we can all agree that there has yet to have been extraterrestial tripods that can take out even the toughest army units on this planet. However, there is a large number of people (12 million Americans, in fact) that believe aliens are influencing the world around us and causing chaos. Except unlike in War of the Worlds, most of the population remains unaware.


It goes unsaid that the government, media, and celebrities influence how we view the world. Mass media sets the news agenda, which in turns shapes the public's opinions on what is newsworthy. An example from a previous podcast is the belief that violence and mass shooting are highly covered by the media in order for the government to convince the public we need harsher gun control. It is also believed that Sandy Hook was staged by the government, which you can hear all about in Episode 29 of Mysterious Radio. Not only that, but celebrities greatly influence our society as well. This includes everything from the type of shows we watch, the political and social causes we care about, to the type of lipgloss we buy. Its believed that Barack Obama, The Queen of England, Justin Bieber, and so many more "people" are repitlians. How does it all connect? It is believed that those politicians and celebrities influencing the population are in fact, reptilian lizard people. Below is a video that shows shapeshifting people that you can see for yourself.  


by Michelle Adshead, a digital marketing expert

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