The Alien Agenda

alien agenda

It had been debated on whether or not aliens exist. Nowadays, most people (65%) believe in life on other planets and the possibility that intelligent life is out there. Given the vastness of the Universe, it only seems probable.

Last year Stephan Hawkings came out as saying that he is more convinced than ever that we are not alone. According to the physicist, we earthlings should stop trying to reach out to other intelligent life because it could potentially put us in a risky situation.

Despite this, he has been heavily involved in searching for alien civilizations. However, Hawking, who is most likely the smartest man on Earth, suggests that these beings are far more advanced than humans and could possible view us as the same way we view bacteria. Therefore, we would be an easy target to overpower and invade. This is exactly what Reed Summers believes is currently happening.

alien war

Reed's belief is that an Alien intervention is now underway. This intervention threatens the future and freedom of our world. It comes at a difficult time, as the nations of Earth are divided. Unfortunately, that should not come as a shock to anyone. In addition to being politically divided, there are many people still careless using our resources.

He believes that a group of aliens which call themselves "Allies of Humanity" could potentially come to help Earthlings by providing us with the steps needed to strengthen human unity. 

You can hear more from Reed Summers by watching the video below and by tuning in for this week's podcast. Comment below your thoughts and, as always, do some of your own research and let us know any interesting findings!

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