Atlantis and the Ice Age


Some people believe that the mid-Atlantic continent of Atlantis is a fictional place. The legend has it that it sank into the sea in a single day and night. The story of Atlantis comes from the Greek Philosopher, Plato and was passed down for centuries. In this text, it is said that the history of Atlantis is true It is unclear if the text was fact or fiction. What if this is more than a legend, and is soon to be history repeating itself?

Those who believe that Atlantis is off the waters of Bimini, or near the Straits of Gibraltar. 

While it is unclear exactly where this city is, and if it is real or not, there are many theories about this place and it certainly is worth researching. 

Check out this week's podcast, featuring Frank Joseph for more about this topic and how our modern civilization is mirroring this phenomenon. Frank wrote the book Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age, which you can check out here.

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