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There's no denying that National Geographic is a household name. The famous company was established in 1888 in order to inspire people to care about the environment and the world. It is a trusted and valued brand so it's new book which highlights the worlds most supernatural places, it is sure to put some naysayers to rest. The book, written by Sarah Bartlett focus' on paranormal activity including witches and demons, ghosts and vampires, aliens and voodoo spirits. While there are many far off places to travel, there's also places closer to home. For those of us in the United States, this includes New Orleans.

Haunted New Orleans

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Every year people flock to New Orleans for the hurricanes and culture and in recent years this number was over 10 million. But that is not all those practicing voodoo are able to do. Using curses they have caused a number of unexplained deaths, with creatures like frogs, snakes, and lizards oozing out of the victim's body. 

New Orleans is reportedly one of the most haunted cities in America. So much so that often real estate signs will advertise "Not Haunted" by properties.  The Hotel Monteleone is considered the most haunted spot in the city. At this hot spot, guests have reported seeing the ghosts of former employees still performing their tasks, as well as children playing in the halls. The most infamous child that haunts these halls is known as Marcie. His father past away in a tragic carriage accident while the family was staying in the hotel and his mother died of heartbreak shortly after. 

These are just a few examples of spooky happenings in just one place. What is the spookiest place you have ever been? Comment below and check out this weeks podcast featuring Sarah Bartlett, the author of "National Geographic Guide to the World's Supernatural Places: More Than 250 Spine-Chilling Destinations Around the Globe"


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