The Earth's Energetic Shift

Earth's Energy Centers


Energy can be transferred from person to person and from a person to a place. Have you ever walked into a building or been to a place that caused you to feel a certain way. This power transfer can be positive or negative, like when you walk into someone's  house for the first time and instantly feel at home, or when you visit a new location and instantly want to leave but are unsure as to why.

Occasionally (and unfortunately), the energy balance of places can be thrown off when something happens to it, or when people exploit it for financial gain. These are referred to as "hot spots" and include places such as Manchu Picchu and Sedona, Arizona. Before these places were valued for their natural beauty, but now are loved for their actual value. People often exploit the visitors at these natural attractions with over-priced gifts and tours. Find out more about this phenomenon on this week's podcast.


by Michelle Adshead, a digital marketing expert

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