Paranormal, blood, & piecing together murders

Unsolved Crimes

Detectives and police work had to solve crimes and they have tools which aid in the process. Among these tools are partnerships with mediums or paranormal investigators. By occasionally working together, the police are able to put the pieces of the puzzle together that they might not have.

One instance of this was that of Nell Cropsey,  a 19-year-old who disappeared in 1901. Nell was set to visit her family over the Thanksgiving holiday along with her boyfriend, Jim. However, she never arrived. The family assumed the couple had eloped, but when they checked in at Jim's house, they found this was not the case. Jim explained to them that they had broken up and he assumed she left to visit family on her own. While the police did take the boyfriend in, the evidence was not there and they had to let him go. That is until physic Snell Newman connected with the police and told them what he saw happen. According to the physic, Jim had used chloroform to wrap Nell in a blanket and had driven her out into the country to kill her and then threw her down a well. Her body was not recovered from the well but found in the river close by. Jim was sentenced 15 years in prison.

Psychic Mediums

The case of Patrica List and her family also was solved by the help of a medium. Patrica did not show up to a school concert and her teacher became nervous since Patrica has told him before that she believed her father, John, wanted to kill her. After getting the police involved, they found John's mom, wife, and all the children in the family murdered, including Patrica.

Another medium is Kristy Robinett a woman who was a sensitive all her life but had been told to suppress these happening all her life. That is until she used her ability to aid in police investigations. Her story is quite interesting and worth sharing. She has helped in man police cases, often the police with have a suspect whom they believe to have committed the crime, but they need the concrete evidence. Kristy has lead police to find bodies and other clues in order to get the criminal locked up.

While the FBI, police, and detectives often solve cases on their own, sometimes it is vital for them to partner and solves cases in nontraditional ways. Another nontradtional way of solving a case is with paranormal investigation. This week's podcast talks about just that as it pairs scientific investigation with the paranormal. Partners Katherine Ramsland, a forensics expert, and Mark Nesbitt, a paranormal investigator examine tales of ghosts and murder. Check out their book, Blood & Ghost: Haunted Crime Scene Investigations for more.

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