Poltergist Activity

Poltergeist Activity


A Poltergeist is a ghost or other supernatural being that creates physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects are thrown around or misplaced. Sometimes, Poltergeists can take on a more sinister role. These spirits can make themselves known through sounds, smells, and movements. The signs that can mean poltergeist activity can vary and some people remain skeptical, choosing to blame flickering lights on faulty wiring or misplaced objects as simply misplaced. 

Poltergeist activity can come into fruition because of traumatic events. Some people believe that this activity arises out of the subconscious of a living person, called an agent, and is not actually paranormal. However, if that is the case, the mechanism that causes this supposed inner stress that manifests into phenomena is unknown to scientists.

Haunted House


Regardless of how you view poltergeist phenomena, at the bare minimum, you know it exists. There have been claims of paranormal activity as far back as we know. Some of them, little-known cases, and others made infamous because of the heavy documentation and investigation into them. 

One particularly interesting case was that of Jason Cobb, whose family moved into a house in Georgia. Jason felt a bizarre presence on his pillow when sleeping and later found random objects from his room placed neatly on the bed. Jason's brother set out paper and crayons and ask the spirit to let them know his name. When they came back into the bedroom, the words "Danny, 7" ere written in child-like writing on the paper. It was found out that Danny's mom had died in the bed and he did not like anyone else sleeping it. When Jason attempted to take a nap, an object came flying at him before smashing on the floor. Other strange events occurred in the house like drawers being opened, lighting candles, and moving furniture. 

A Parapsychological therapist who investigated the case found that the electromagnetic energy of the wall (that Jason started sleeping next to when they moved the bed there) charged a psychic ability that the boy already had which enabled him to connect with spirits.

Poltergeists can be noisy and violent and can create a nightmarish reality. Comment below if you've had experience with poltergeists or know someone who has and check out other cases of paranormal activity. Don't forget to listen to our newest podcast featuring Jenny Ashford, author of The Unseen Hand.


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