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Edition Released 9-4-17

A True Story of Telepathic Communication with Aliens 

Author Sophia Love - Inclusion, The Guardian

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A true story of contact. Countless voices. Calling from every part of creation.
“What do you want?” 
Read the answers here. “We embody a form that is more geared for flight than walking. There are wings.”
“I am a calling member of the race you label Annunaki.” “As a group, you would label us "off planet". 
"Yet more plant-like than human-like.” “My body type is relatively humanoid. Yet that is not the point.”
“I am a representative of my species. We are a race from another star cluster inside the galaxy.”
“I come from a race that is older than humanity.”

Disclosure has begun. Meet a Guardian. Discover the dark plans & secret rituals of Humanity’s Controllers (read “Illuminati”). Read here your past, present and future choices, as told by a Guardian. He came forward in 2012. He spoke for 3 years. Find out what December 21st, 2012 really signified and what we, the human race, decided. There have been no traces of these Guardians/Executioners in our recorded history – until now.

Sophia Love

Sophia was born on Long Island, NY, USA & is now in Chicago, IL, USA. Home-schooling & raising her children did not quite prepare her for what was to come next; talking to non-terrestrial beings and a Guardian for the Planet. This has been going on since 2012. She is an educator. Her work focuses on sovereignty, unconditional love, oneness, ascension and non-terrestrial beings. Her conversations with these beings are shared in her newsletters and books. The Guardian is her first book. Inclusion, her second work, is now available.